Three Good Reasons to hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

wedding day

For a couple that decides to get married, this can be one of the biggest decisions of their life. You can look forward to your wedding day with great excitement and anticipation, as well as hope that your special day will create some treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer to film your wedding day will allow you to capture the events of your special day as they unfold. This will also give you a chance to re-experience all those wonderful moments over again in years to come.

Capturing every happy moment of your wedding day should be left to an experienced professional videographer that understands weddings and knows where to position themselves to capture the best shots. This is why you should make sure to thoroughly check out potential videographers for your wedding by looking through their portfolio and watching a number of their wedding films they made for other happy couples.

Look for plenty of experience 

Having an experienced specialist videographer is important because you don’t want them to miss capturing the essential elements that make up your wedding ceremony. Having someone that is familiar with the processes of the wedding ceremony will allow them to situate themselves in the best position to capture the expressions on your faces as you share your vows and exchange rings.

Knowing the best vantage points of your wedding venue is also of great importance. Your videographer needs to be able to move around freely, blend in with your guests, mix and mingle to put everyone at ease with their company and know how to politely disengage themselves from a over-zealous guest who wants to monopolise their time or tries to get themselves into every shot.


Check their camera equipment

Having plenty of experience is one thing, but to be able to produce the best quality wedding film your videographer needs to have high spec camera and sound recording equipment. A true video expert will have the very latest digital camera equipment along with professional editing software that will allow them to cut and frame shots and edit your film in your preferred style.

You should look for a good combination of an HD camera along with hidden microphones and dynamic lighting equipment. You should also discuss your tastes in music should you want your videographer to overlay your film with music. Listen to some sample music styles and agree on your style and choice of music before the wedding.

wedding day

Go through your options

After you have agreed on the style and feel for your wedding film, you can pretty much relax in the knowledge that you are going to have a great wedding film made for you. However, you will still need to work out all the technicalities such as how your videographer is going to deliver your wedding film, the finished format and how long it will take for them to turnaround your film. Many wedding videographers will offer a choice where you may have a number of DVD copies made, or you can combine a DVD copy with a digital download on a memory card. Some will also offer a photography service where they can take stills from your wedding film to produce a photographic wedding album.

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