This is the most simple way to boost your motivation to workout


We all have those days where we wake up feeling lazy and lethargic, not wanting to leave bed for anything. But could something as simple as peppermint oil help us beat our bed-bound ways and become the gym bunny we’ve always wanted to be?

Everyone has the intention to exercise these days but sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym. If you feel the same way  don’t worry there are great alternatives. For example you can decide to have  your own home gym. Read here for the 10 best home gyms.

A recent study published in the in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition has proven the natural properties found in peppermint oil to have a real impact on our health and fitness levels. Used alongside regular training, the oil can improve exercise performance, respiratory function and heart rate. During the study users consumed .05ml of peppermint oil for 10 days. Their performance before and after consumption was tested and it was found that the participants could run a quarter of a mile further after consumption! This was supported by Bryan Raudenbush of the Sense of Smell institute who showed that simply smelling the oil increased energy and decreased exhaustion amongst participants.

So what products are on the market to get us fueled for our next workout?

The familiar peppermint gum we all chew for minty fresh breath now has a new use. Easily available and cheaper than pure peppermint oil, it is an accessible alternative. However, as it it contains much less than .05ml of oil, don’t expect to run a marathon in minutes.

Peppermint tea is a relaxing and delicious source of the herb which is commonly known to also aid digestion. Sipping a cup allows you to get a double dose by taste and smell with a zero-calorie intake- a win-win for health lovers everywhere.

The actual oil itself can leave you $15 (around £10) poorer but worth it if you have long term training goals. Plus using .05ml before each workout means a 30ml bottle lasts 600 days, that’s 30 cents (20p) per use!

With such positive and consistent results, it’s a wonder why athletes risk everything by using performance enhancing drugs when all they need is a drop of peppermint oil to go further!

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