The old money clothing style

Last spring, the Old Money clothing style was totally on-trend, but we’ve been seeing it popping up on our social media feeds more and more lately. Think: typical American films, such as Clueless, where the main characters wear preppy looks. Tweed sets, checkered blouses and loafers are the most popular and we see them more and more often.

old money style

Yachting or sailing in St Tropez

For inspiration to dream away: sunbathing poolside in the French Riviera, chic ladies with pearl necklaces, sweaters draped over the shoulders and tennis in a sporty yet stylish look. Yachting or sailing in St Tropez. We went looking for the most beautiful items to fully embrace the Old Money clothing style.

Elite clothing style

Preppy or old money style originated from an American subculture of pre-university students. This traditionally elite group from the northeast of the United States studied at the University Preparatory Schools and then moved on to one of the eight Ivy League universities. The best known are of course Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Influences from rugby, tennis, golf, polo and sailing are clearly reflected in this originally American style and way of dressing.

Today, the term preppy is much looser and obviously not an official title. So there is some room for your own interpretation, although there is a very clear and recognizable basic wardrobe. Classics with their own story. The style has since been adopted by enthusiasts in all generations and is especially visible in America, but also in Europe. Although in France we call it ‘bon chic bon genre’ and in the UK ‘Sloane Ranger’ or old money style. Whatever you call it, it still describes a subculture where traditions, good upbringing, certain know-how, a way of speaking, the same manners and of course clothing become a big part of that lifestyle. In short, this is a reflection of the traditions inherited from the Ivy League prep founding fathers.

Typical elements of the old money clothing style are: polo shirts, argyle pattern sweaters, chinos, blazers, Oxford cotton button-down shirts, loafers, nautical items and sporty, college/vintage inspired casual wear.

old money style

Classic old money clothing style

We enjoy seeing how these classics are used again and again in completely new combinations. Sometimes with a wink or surprising twist and always with a subtle nod to the past. That’s the beauty of classics, they are indestructible.

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