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These days, whether you’re travelling by plane to England or on a coach ride through Australia, it’s common to see your fellow travellers passing the time with a Netflix movie or a YouTube binge. Another commonly utilised entertainment option is smartphone gaming, with most of us taking our miniature handheld devices with us as we embark on various adventures around the world.

Given the overall improvements our modern-day mobile phones are illustrating with every new model which comes to market, games developers have been able to up the ante accordingly. For many, the diverse selection of games available in the space has enabled them to discover the benefits of smartphone gaming in the process. A popular genre in the mobile gaming space is adventure games, a category that pairs rather nicely with a real-life adventure of your own. In fact, in the same way that casino gamers can access adventure-themed slots like Aussie Adventure and Lost Island, Android and iOS users are downloading an array of adventure-based games in seconds from both Google Play and the App Store. With that in mind, below is a look at some of the best adventure-themed titles for you to download ahead of your next adventure abroad.

Evoland 2

Regarded by many as being the best adventure-themed game in recent memory, Evoland 2 essentially involves players journeying through various different genres of gaming. With more progress comes new and improved graphics, as players embark on a truly unique 3D fighter, trading card, and hack-and-slash journey. The game is priced at $7.99 at the time of writing and it’s most definitely worth it.


Genshin Impact

Praised for its glorious visuals and stunning graphics, Genshin Impact is an open-world title which has been compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the past. With a whole host of quests and missions to complete, you’ll enjoy this beautifully detailed product which offers a gacha RPG element and an all-round fantastic gaming experience. The controls are particularly good, as is the story mode which will have you gripped from the very beginning.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go isn’t new but ever since its inception in 2016 it has continued to pull in humongous audiences. Offering a truly immersive mobile gaming experience thanks to its mightily impressive augmented reality feature, players can explore the outdoors as they aim to catch a variety of Pokemon and fill up their Pokédex, while also having the opportunity to take down gyms, complete a variety of quests, battle against trainers online, and a whole lot more.


Monument Valley 2

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The first instalment of Monument Valley is worth sampling if you haven’t done so already, but the latest version of the game is perhaps slightly better. A puzzle-adventure release, Monument Valley 2 tasks players with guiding a mother and her daughter through a huge selection of tricky puzzles. Along the way you’ll face optical illusions, get to grips with the game’s fun plot, and aim to master a consistently tricky selection of levels throughout.

Sky: Children of the Light

With seven different worlds to explore as you interact with other players throughout, Sky: Children of the Light is an original title with a social element attached to it. The game’s fun story is captivating enough, but its cooperative play and character customisations will draw you in even further. The fact that you can explore the world with other players is perhaps most impressive of all, though.

Other adventure games worth experiencing are Square Enix, OPUS series, Oddmar, Guardian Tales, Grand Mountain Adventure, Overboard!, Her Story, Crashlands, The Room: Old Sins, and 80 Days.


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