The Benefits of Living by the Sea


There are so many factors that influence how someone decides where they want to live. But one of the first choices that people tend to make is whether they want to live in the city or whether they want to live in a rural area. Sure, the majority of properties tend to be located in one of these two types of environments. But it’s important to remember that a third option does exist. This third option is living by the seaside. Some seaside towns are cities, some are more rural. But either way, there are various benefits that come hand in hand with living by the sea. Here are just a few that you might want to consider in the lead up to buying or renting a new home!

Seaside Properties Tend to Maintain Value

If you purchase a property near the sea, you’ll find that properties with a sea view tend to really retain their value. While homes in the country cannot guarantee that they will retain their view (companies may build on opposite land and you can never be sure exactly what they are going to build), the sea isn’t changing any time soon. Sea view homes also tend to be well designed and highly desirable. You can read more about this here.

The Sea Helps You to Sleep Better

We are all well aware that we should get around eight hours of sleep each and every night. This gives our bodies the opportunity to rest and recuperate. It also creates opportunities for our mind to create memories and rest for the day ahead. Various studies have sound that sea air is particularly good for those who are having issues with sleep or who are looking to have a sounder night’s sleep. It contains more healthy negative ions which encourage absorption of oxygen. The sound of waves is also extremely soothing for most people. Many people play sea sounds in their room at night to try to relax. But if you can hear the real thing, this could prove to be a whole lot more effective.

You Can Exercise for Free

Individuals living in the city and rural areas away from the sea tend to fork out a whole lot of money on gym memberships on a monthly basis to make use of the pool. When you live near the sea, you have easy access to the sea, where you can exercise most days. Just make sure that you are aware of the sea conditions, whether there are currents, and when the tide is likely to come in and go out. This will help you to swim safely. If conditions aren’t right for swimming, you can always take a nice stroll or jog along the seafront. If you’re into yoga or meditation, the beach also proves to be the perfect space to stretch out, relax, and let your mind wander.

Healthier Skin

During the summer when weather is good, you could easily meet your vitamin D recommendations by tanning on the beach here and there. This can improve the health of your skin! Just remember to wear sufficient sun protection, a sunhat, and sunglasses. This will keep you safe from the sun’s UV rays. Sand is also a natural exfoliant, so if you rub a little on your legs, elbows, knees, and other potentially dry patches of your skin while you are on the beach, you could have soft and silky skin in next to no time.

These are just a few different benefits that come hand in hand with living near to the sea. Of course, there are going to be other factors that influence your decision of where to live. But, as you can see, opting for a seafront home can have all sorts of benefits for your health, wellbeing, and wallet! So, start browsing your options today.

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