Skin Types & Perfume Choices – 5 Ways To Smell Right

Perfumes and fragrances work in a very mysterious way. It is not easy to comprehend what impact a particular fragrance would have on your body and the ones standing close to you. It is not only your skin type but the way it reacts to various external factors that determine how a perfume smells on you.

The human body produces pheromones which are its natural scent. They work like DNA. This is why every person has a distinct aroma. Regardless of what perfume you are wearing, you will give off a different fragrance at the end of the day than any other person wearing the same perfume. This is how personal fragrance and body chemistry work together.

You don’t just want to smell right but fantastic. For that, you should be able to choose the right perfume for your skin type. You can easily buy perfumes online. Whether you have dry or oily or combination skin, there is always going to be the perfect fragrance for you. That particular perfume will go well with your personality and your demeanor. Let us understand a little bit more about this complicated yet beautiful science.

1.       Perfume For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you are better off with a strong perfume. Look for something musky. A woody undertone would be good too. If you prefer manlier scents, go with strong base notes of bitter chocolate. These notes are going to linger a bit longer on your skin which means that you will smell incredible throughout the day. If your personal preference is something a bit lighter and still floral, find a way to make it stay on your body for a little longer. You can also invest in a set of perfume oils that have a longer wear-time.

2.       Oily And Fragrant

If your skin does not demand a moisturizer or hydrating serum now and then, you probably have oily skin. This means that picking something fresher and more floral from Elia Parfum would be the right way to go. You can opt for some rosy and fresh citrusy fragrances which are going to be perfect for your skin type. If you prefer something that is muskier and darker, you should always go for a minimal amount. This kind of combination is going to stay on your skin for a long time.

 3.       Aroma For Combination Skin

The perfect aroma for somebody with combination skin is going to be loaded with strong mid notes. You can go with rich and light notes of coriander, lime, and pear and some cool notes of cigar, vanilla, and musk as well. A perfume that begins with woody undertones in the morning and gives off lighter floral fragrances in the night will be perfect for you. You can also go for cinnamon and jasmine if you want. Any individual with a combination skin has the most options in front of them when it comes to choosing their perfect perfume.

4.       What Is Your Skin Temperature?

Is there a thing called skin temperature? Yes! The temperature of the human body is what impacts a particular fragrance the most. How far it rises or how low it falls is going to determine the eventual form any perfume takes. Something that might have begun as a boost of citrusy freshness in the morning could easily turn into floral sweetness by evening. It depends on what your body temperature has been and how much oil and sweat you have secreted throughout the day.

5.       Matching The pH Level

The pH level of your skin is also going to affect the way any fragrance evolves while it sits on your body. It is the mixture of water and sebum that allows your skin to hold onto any fragrance. This means that the more supple your skin is the better it will be able to hold on to a perfume. There are fragrances for every skin type but you need to be aware of them before you make a purchase. For instance, if you have acidic skin, choose something that is at least 20% concentrated or more.

Final Thoughts

Usually, people just go for a perfume that reminds them of a happy place or a pleasant experience. The rule of thumb is to go with a fragrance that evolves into something even more beautiful upon touching your skin. The trick is to invest in a few small-sized samples of perfumes. Apply them and experience their aroma throughout the day one after another over a week or so. You will be able to pick out a perfume that matches your personality every single bit pretty soon.

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