Six Great Ways To Beat Airport Boredom

airport boredom

There are very few things more boring than having to wait in an airport. Unfortunately, I was heading to Paris not too long ago and had a rather long wait at the airport to contend with, so I had to think of some ways to keep myself entertained. I had nowhere to go, after all, I couldn’t leave the airport or make my flight get there any faster, so all of these had to take place inside the airport itself. Luckily, if you put your mind to it, you can think of plenty of ideas. Here are a few of my favourites.

airport boredom


  1. Read A Book

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve got a pile of books on a shelf yet to be read, so it makes sense to bring one of two along with you to read in the airport. This is a great way to pass the time, and soon enough you’ll be on your flight. If you’re worried that you’ll finish the books or don’t want the extra weight, then take an E-reader instead.

  1. Practice The Language

If you’re heading to a country that speaks a different language to you, then why not use this time at the airport to memorize a few important phrases, if you haven’t already. Bring a dictionary with you, or use an app/website like Duolingo. By the time your flight reaches the airport, you’ll practically be fluent.


  1. Plan Activities

If your holiday was rather last minute, then you might not have had time to plan out what you are going to do when you reach your destination. This could be the difference between having a fun holiday and a boring one, so it makes sense to at least do a little research. Simply searching what to do in San Diego or Paris or Bali and writing down some ideas is a great way to start.

  1. Watch Something

Most airports have somewhere to charge your devices and wifi, so don’t be afraid to stream a film, tv show, or Youtube video while you’re waiting. If your airport doesn’t have wifi, then most streaming sites allow you to download some of their content, so don’t let lack of internet keep you from watching your favourite Netflix series.

airport boredom


  1. Go Shopping

There are so many shops in airports, and you can often take a bag of products on the plane with you, so why not splurge a little. If you didn’t want to have the products then and there, then shop online, and order them to be delivered once you’re back home.

  1. Have A Nap

If nothing is managing to keep you entertained, sometimes it just makes sense to have a nap. This way, your batteries will be charged for when you get to your holiday destination, so you don’t have to nap at the hotel and waste part of your first day. Just make sure that you set an alarm so that you don’t miss your flight.

If you’re going to be stuck in an airport anytime soon, one of these tips should be able to help you out.


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