Rules for Understanding Body Image Problems

body image

Body image is an issue many people are dealing with, starting at adolescence and even later in their adulthood. With celebrities being so influential on everyone’s lives in the 21st century, they often represent the wrong picture about themselves. This leads many people to believe celebrities are without a flaw, which is why individuals start feeling bad about themselves. Many other factors influence the representation of body image one has about oneself and there are various ways to understand them.

The Importance of Body Image

Feeling good about yourself is essential for your mental health. If you do not have a positive image about the way you look, it can lead to the changes in your behavior as well. Realistic people who know themselves well and do not have trouble finding friends who will appreciate and like them for who they are have a high self-esteem. Furthermore, they are familiar with their own strengths and weaknesses and lead a happy life they know how to control.

Body image is in close connection to self-esteem, especially for young teenagers. Vast majority of teens are struggling through their puberty with the problem of body image because they feel insecure about the way they look and the way others perceive them. Once they start feeling unattractive, teenagers start to think about different options for improving their appearance.

body image

Body Image Influence

The time when person’s body is changing the most is puberty, and this is precisely when people start questioning the way they look and feel about themselves. Furthermore, the desire of a person to be accepted by friends can add more pressure to feeling flawless and attractive. However, we all grow and develop in our time, and in our own way that makes it even harder for a person to have a high self-esteem.

Media image is another important factor that influences our body image. People are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities, and want to be just like them, without realizing that majority of pictures they see of celebrities are airbrushed and made to look flawless. This leads people of any age to have a bad opinion about themselves and their body. Contrary to popular belief, celebrities are just as every other person, except the whole world knows about them.


The life a person has inside their family can in some cases affect the way he or she feels about oneself. Many parents tend to criticize their children about their weight, about the way they wear their hair or their clothes, or even about their grades in school. Overly sensitive people might develop major self-esteem issues due to constant exposure to this kind of criticism.

Improving Your Self-esteem

Various problems regarding physical appearance can influence a person to want to reach for cosmetic procedure, and improve their own self-esteem. Crocked nose, prominent ears and loose skin are just some of the problems many people deal with and have a hard time dealing with it. Children are usually teased about their ears and nose, while older people simply suffer the self-criticism. Nose surgery, otoplasty for prominent ears, or a mini face lift are just some of the procedures people opt for in order to improve their self-image. A person who has a bump along the bridge of the nose can develop a certain form insecurity and have negative image about his or her own appearance. This is why rhinoplasty is the best solution for boosting one’s self-esteem. Furthermore, some people’s skin tend to age faster and becomes lose too soon, which is why many women find a solution in facelifting and after the surgery is done they do not look older than they actually are.

Even though attractive physical appearance might seem important, the strength and health of the body is much more significant. Therefore, try to concentrate on everything you can do thanks to your abilities and health, and forget about all the insignificant things that make you feel bad about yourself.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that physical appearance is not everything. Much more important are the characteristics of a person, whether he or she is a good, honest and well-raised person. Remember, we are all beautiful regardless of the way we look.

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