Rihoas wishlist: how to curate your perfect wardrobe

One of the fashion brands that really offer something distinctive is Rihoas. The brand is inspired by European cinema and movies with confident female characters that always look classy and elegant. A romantic look that has a retro vibe gives you an extra edge over the average wardrobe.

You probably wonder how to curate a perfect classy wardrobe. With this Rihoas wishlist you will look elegant and classy. With so many styles to choose from I made a list of my favorites and some tips to curate your perfect wardrobe!

Rihoas water rippled dress with pearl details

The preparation for building a perfect wardrobe

In order to build the perfect wardrobe be critical of your current wardrobe. Think carefully: would I still be wearing this next year or maybe five years from now? Or are the items more fun ‘in the moment’, because it’s a trend or because you quickly get tired of it? It is also possible that you find something very cool on someone else, but not on yourself, because it just doesn’t suit your style or your figure. Make a list of wardrobe items you want to add. Throw your clothes in a big pile, donate what doesn’t make you happy or what’s not on your list. A classy wardrobe always consists of some basic blouses and white or black dresses that you can combine with pearls.

High waisted plaid skirt

What are you still missing?

The list you made is probably not yet complete, so now it’s time to get some great wardrobe pieces together. For example a classic high waisted plaid skirt that you can combine with boots in the winter or heels in the summer. Rihoas also takes sustainability serious they use 20% sustainable fabrics and their goals is to use 90% sustainable fabrics in 2030. What is special about the Rihoas collection is that the style is bold and yet timeless. So you don’t have to worry that it’s not trendy anymore the next year.

curate perfect wardrobe
Pearl button jacquard vest

Combine different colors with bold fabrics

It’s good to pay attention to a certain style, colors, prints, fabrics and of course also pay attention to the fit. Chances are that you already have a large part in your closet, but it can also be an eye-opener that you miss items that you would love to wear every day. Combine different patterns with bold fabrics like tweed or jacquard with pastel colors and some pearls. With Rihoas you will create the perfect stylish wardrobe that anyone would envy!

Rihoas Beautiful Knit cardigan

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