Picking The Right Bra For Every Occasion


There are as many types of bras out there as there are breasts, which is to say a lot. You can find all kinds of hybrid styles as well as classic options, and the material and sizing plays a huge part too. In order to help you get a grip on what you should be wearing and when, this is a quick guide to picking the right bra for every occasion.

Everyday Life

Going about your everyday life does not require anything flashy. In fact, it’s best to go the opposite way and opt for a t-shirt bra. T-shirt bras are designed to give you a smooth and even coverage, with no lumps and bumps appearing even through a tight t-shirt. This is definitely a fantastic option for those with larger breasts who need a lot of support. You can wear any outfit with these so long as the bra is covered, as it often won’t be the most attractive in your drawer.

Getting Active

Going for a run or hitting the gym? Or will you just be doing a lot of manual labour, such as when moving house or walking up and down a lot of stairs? If this is the case, then a sports bra is best. It helps to support you by fully strapping everything down, eliminating movement as far as possible. That means no heavy bouncing when you are trying to move around. You also aren’t going to slip out if you have to lean over a lot. The sports bra is especially imperative for larger breasts.

Dressing to Impress

If you are out for the night, then you will definitely want to go for an underwired push-up bra. Try a plunge if you have a low-cut neckline, too. The push-up will present you at your best, giving you a bit of a boost in the fight against gravity. Of course, if you want to fill out your bra a bit better, you can always get a breast augmentation. You can find out more about that on here, and it’s a lot more effective than using endless padding and push-ups.

Bedroom Fun

If you won’t be wearing clothes over your bra at all, then go for a lacy balcony or balconette. This style cuts the cup in half, showing more of your breast tissue – which can often be unsuitable for tighter clothing, as it can cause swells and bumps which look odd from the outside. This is a very sexy look however, so make sure you pick up a full matching lingerie set with this bra.


Finally, if you want to wear eveningwear, you will probably need a strapless bra. A good tip for this type of bra is to go down a band size and up a cup size so that you get even more support. It will stay up all night even without the straps to hold it in place, and you can wear any style of evening dress because the straps won’t show.

When you have the right bra for every look, you will find that your outfits look a lot better. Your body confidence will improve too.


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