Picasso Skin, Plant derived, eco-friendly skin care brand

A lot of beauty care brands contain ingredients that you really don’t want to put on your skin at all. And even though these substances are approved, more and more people prefer to choose natural beauty products. These are products without toxic additives, they are made environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals. Better safe than sorry, especially for your own health and that of the world. Fortunately, natural skincare is booming, and there are many fine sustainable brands to be found these days. One of the brands that stand out is Picasso Skin. This beauty brand is plant derived and eco-friendly. Each product is paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate-free. Products are also cruelty free and never tested on animals. Besides that the packaging is biodegradable starch based that dissolves in water.

Behind this brand is power couple John and Onome. An engaged couple kept apart by a pandemic, politics and shifting immigration policies; they have managed the herculean task of running the company they started together from two different continents Nigeria and the United States.

John and Onome’s skincare company, Picasso Skin, is a humble brand tackling a host of significant issues from environmental custodianship to inclusivity and representation for all races, genders and ages. As an interracial and intercontinental couple, John and Onome have received their share of hateful comments from closed-minded individuals who could not accept their relationship. Instead of allowing themselves to be dragged down by intolerance, this inspirational couple view these kinds of comments as reminders of the work that lies ahead of them as they stay focused on their mission of changing hearts and minds across the globe.

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