Paradise on Earth: 7 things you must do when in Switzerland


With snow-capped mountain peaks, picturesque chalets, and natural green pastures, Switzerland is indeed a paradise on Earth. It is known for its beautiful vineyards and breathtaking panorama.

This land of four languages is beyond chocolates, happy cows, watches. It offers a once in a lifetime experience to travelers. This country with ravishing landscape must be visited at least once in life.

Here are seven things one must do when visiting Switzerland.


Boating at Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls is one of the largest waterfalls of Europe with a height of 23 meters, and width of 150 meters. It has a gorgeous view and observation points on many levels. The water looks stunning when the sun shines on it, while at night white light cascades over the rocks.

To experience the falls from upfront, tourists take a boat ride to a rock in the middle of the waterfall. An unforgettable panorama awaits the tourists here. The boat tours are available from April to October. However, the waterfall stays open for tourists throughout the year.

Apart from the exciting experience of boating, enjoying the illumination of Rhine falls with magnificent firework display is another must thing to do at the Rhine falls. These fireworks are displayed every 31st of July at 9:45 pm.

Take a cable car ride to descend a mountain

Switzerland is the home to world’s first revolving cable car- Titlis revolving gondola. Tourists take the cable car to either go up or descend the mountain. In summers going to the top of the mountains is an incredible sight to admire the various mountainous peaks.

Titlis gondola spins 360 degrees during its five minutes trip up to the summit of Mount Titlis. Tourists can enjoy restaurants, bars, and snacks at the top while enjoying the view.

Switzerland has many other incredible cable car rides. An open top cable car at Stanserhorn Cabrio climbs the 1900 meters Mount Stanserhorn. This cable car is also favorite amongst the tourists.

Enjoy winter sports at Interlaken

A base for seeing the magnificent scenery of Central Switzerland, Interlaken is a famous Swiss resort town for tourists. It’s home to many outdoor activities such as parasailing, horse riding, tennis, swimming, etc.

One of the must-do things here is white water rafting in the choppy water. Skydiving is another must thing to do at Interlaken. It is a spectacular experience for the tourists to float between the dramatic peaks.

Ride the Glaciers Express

Glacier Express is the world famous train that connects two railway stations of mountains St. Moritz and Zermatt. It covers 300 kilometers across the Swiss Alps. This train is also known as the ‘slowest express train in the world.’

The journey on this train takes 8 hours squeezing through the narrow alleys. The trip is comfortable and has panoramic sealed windows. The train delights travelers with serene landscape during their journey. No visit to Switzerland is complete without riding this famous Glacier Express.

Go Hiking

Switzerland offers everything that a hiker desires. Switzerland has a vast variety of hiking trails with beautiful, breathtaking panorama, historical sites, multiple tours; you name it, and Switzerland has it. Streams have bridges to help hikers in their journey. The steep slopes have steps while areas with danger of slipping have handrails.

One of the most popular hiking trails in Switzerland is ‘The Eiger Trail.’ This trail is not very challenging but has spectacular views. Another popular hiking trail is Zermatt. The Swiss Toblerones’ triangular shape is said to be inspired by this mountains shape.

Hiking is the best and cheapest way to experience the fresh air, snow-capped peaks and the majesty of Switzerland. Hiking routes in Switzerland are marked with yellow signboards showing approximate waiting time. Once on the top, hikers can explore the beauty of this country from a birds view.

Check out the five best places to hike in Switzerland here.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Le Flon

Le Flon is a district in Lausanne. It is full of retro clubs and bars. The old style architecture adds to the vibe of this nightlife area. It attracts people from all over the world who enjoy festivals and nightlife.

Apart from night entertainment, it also offers tourist some peaceful fine-dine restaurants and cafes. Tourists also enjoy shopping in the streets of Lausanne. So enjoying the breezy Swiss nights in Le Flon is a must thing to do.

Visit Museums

There are more than 1000 museums in Switzerland. These museums have a rich and diverse story to tell about Swiss heritage. Covering 3000 square meters Lausanne’s Olympic Museum is one of the very famous museums amongst the tourists. It is located in Olympic City and is a perfect place for all ages.

This museum takes tourist through the history of Olympics. Visitors can take photos holding the Olympic torch from Rio. This museum conducts a lot of conferences and events throughout the year for children and adults alike.

Luzern’s Swiss museum of transport is also one of the most visited museums. It is spread across 20,000 square meters and showcases interactive exhibits that tell a tale of land, sea, air and space transport.

Some of the top museums in Switzerland must be visited by the tourist in their trip to this beautiful country.

So, the next time you are planning your vacation, make sure it is to Switzerland – the heaven on earth – and not miss out on any of the above-listed exciting things!

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