Newborn Wellbeing Guide 101: Top Perks of Infant Chiropractic Care

misaligned spine

There are chances that a newborn baby can experience various physical complications. One of the most common complications is a misaligned spine. The spine of infants often gets misaligned, leading to asthma, digestive problems, and difficulty with breastfeeding. Fortunately, all these complications can be assessed by a certified infant chiropractor. 

The chiropractor applies gentle pressure on the back of the child to make spine realignments and restore nervous system function. In addition, pediatric Jupiter chiropractor also helps babies with sleep apnea or if they have trouble sleeping.

Pediatric chiropractic care has been proven highly effective in improving a child’s mobility, enhancing their muscle functions, and boosting their immunity. There are more perks to taking your newborn to the chiropractor. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Chiropractic care can help in a child’s physical development  

An infant’s body and muscles undergo a lot of quick changes. The lower back and neck curvatures start to form as they learn to sit or lift their head. During the first year, the spine doubles in length, and the backbone and neck strengthening. Thus, it is important to properly align the spine and muscles at this early phase of physical development.

Pediatric chiropractic care can help your baby’s spinal cords grow properly and boost their overall posture and health. In case of misalignment, the chiropractor gently manipulates the spine back into position, allowing the body to grow properly and improve the child’s overall posture.

2.Chiropractors help babies in fine-tuning misaligned vertebrae

Not all infants are born with an aligned vertebra. Some get their spine adjusted right after birth, while others take a few weeks later. If the infant needs help, the chiropractor gently adjusts the misaligned spine and helps them regain flexibility while easing tension. Child chiropractic care and all the spine adjustments performed are extremely gentle, which sometimes often go unnoticed by the child, knowing where and what to adjust is the key here.

3. It eases colic symptoms

Colic is associated with the gastrointestinal system, which leads to gas buildup and indigestion. Leaving this untreated can cause pain and bloat. So, If your child is diagnosed with colic, take them to a chiropractor. Gentle manipulations from chiropractic care stimulate nerve flow to their small intestines and increase peristalsis, which helps push gas and liquid through.

4. Pediatric chiropractors can treat and prevent ear infection

An ear infection is one of the most common issues among infants. The reason is fluid build-up in the eustachian tubes. When the tube is not working smoothly and doesn’t drain, it results in excessive pressure in the ear causing infection and pain.

Research says that ear infections in infants can be caused due to minor nerve injuries during birth or due to allergies. With the right chiropractic care, infants find relief from ear pain and infection, and a simple manipulation can restore the tube’s function.

Chiropractic care aids babies in draining the eustachian tube by widening the muscles around it, thus relieving pressure and unblocking it. The gentle manipulation helps the tube stay unblocked, preventing further pain and infection. This treatment is completely safe and can be performed anytime.

5. It improves a child’s immune system

The nervous system is directly associated with the spine, so any spine misalignment leads to the disorientation of the nerve pathways, impacting all body systems, including the immune system.

Chiropractors make gentle spinal adjustments so that the little one’s body starts releasing the disease-fighting cells and improves their immune system. Studies suggest that when the spinal cord and nervous system work properly, the body can fight off pathogens better and more efficiently.


Chiropractors help children correct spinal misalignments through gentle massages and various specified tools.

Now you know how chiropractic care is beneficial for your little hero, but if you are wondering, is “Chiropractic care safe for babies?” The answer is – yes. This is certainly safe.

For infants, chiropractors apply a gentler approach, ensuring the child doesn’t get hurt or feel pain throughout or after the treatment. Often, the manipulations may only involve a gentle massage that goes unnoticed by the baby. All you need to do is find the right and certified practitioner; rest, stay assured about safety.

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