New Swimwear This Winter Makes For A Sexy Spring

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A nice refreshing swim is the best way to beat the summer heat! And it’s even better when you are looking and feeling great. That can be easier said than done, however, since it can be hard to find that perfect swimsuit when you’re plus size. But there’s no reason to despair because no matter what your size, there are great lines of swimwear available online that are designed to help you do just that! In fact, thanks to the e-commerce boom, it’s becoming easier than ever to find the swimsuit that is just right for you.

There has been a wonderful movement over the past few years that encourages all women to love their bodies as they are. In the plus size world, embracing your body is easier thanks to advocates like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, who just recently talked about how she doesn’t try to shy away from the label plus size. What is perhaps not so easy is finding unique, colorful, fun and affordable plus size swimwear at your local mall or department store. While body shaming is quickly and wonderfully becoming a thing of the past, we’ve yet to see a wide array of plus size swimwear selections be made locally available.

Ashlee Graham, swimwear
Which is why when it comes to shopping for plus size swimwear, online retailers are your best resource! At a retailer like swimsuitsforall, for example, can find unique, stylish swimwear at affordable prices for sizes 8 through 34 and their body type calculator can help you understand which cuts and designs will work best for you personally. Don’t like to reveal much? You may prefer a shortini or tankini, which are good options if you want swimwear that will help flatten your tummy. They also offer a great selection of cover ups! The plus size swimsuits at swimsuitsforall are custom-designed with plus size women in mind, so this holiday season, there are limitless gift options available.

Another universal style is high-waisted swimsuits. Like empire-waist dresses, high-waisted swimsuits are flattering for just about every figure. They draw the eyes upward and make the waist look smaller. A lot of women also opt for tankinis which come with the freedom of a bikini and the flattering coverage of a one-piece. Tankinis come in two kinds of bottoms: bikini or shorts. It just depends on the woman’s preference.

You may want to check out the Ashley Graham collection, which consists of swimwear that makes a bold statement and lets your curves shine. No matter what your preferred look is, with the great selection available, you’ll be sure to find something that you love!

Another perk of being able to shop for swimwear online is that there is always new and stylish swimwear available at your fingertips, no matter the time of year! This may come in handy when a holiday vacation comes about that will allow you the opportunity to have some fun in the sun since it’s always better with new, trendy swimwear that looks and feels great, whatever your size!

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