My Recent Teeth Whitening Experience

teeth whitening

White and bright teeth make you look so vibrant and young! It is the reason to make your smile look all the more sparkly and celebrity-kind. Maybe that is the reason why whiteness of teeth is something everyone desires to have irrespective of their age or creed.

My friends wedding was just a month away and I had made up my mind to leave not a single stone unturned when it comes the wedding preparations. Well, I reminded myself that I should not forget to get ready myself in the midst of this wedding chaos.

So I sat down to prepare a tentative schedule that incorporated almost all the essential procedures that I had to undergo before the special day. Well, the list included everything starting from getting the clothes stitched for the function to the appointments at the beauty parlor.

I kept the book down and looked at the mirror to find out if there was anything that I had missed. And voila! I got it- my dull teeth! That was the moment when I realised that my teeth have started looking so dull and yellowish. When I opened my mouth, I saw few brownish stains at the inner surface of my lower teeth peeping back at me.

I cannot think of attending such an important function with so much unpreparedness. Hence, I decide to fix an appointment with my Dentist.

I’m proud of my decision because that was, indeed, one of the best that I have ever made! I reached my Dentist Plano TX on time and was greeted by the dentist and his team in the usual sweet and feel-at-home manner. (This is the best part of this dental office! You never feel that you are an outsider or have come for the first time.)

I expressed my interest to undergo teeth whitening to my dentist for which she decided to do a dental check-up on me. The doctor came to the conclusion that I may need one round of dental cleaning before the whitening session. I was told about the charges well in advance to which I consented.

Dental cleaning/scaling

Dental cleaning or scaling, as it is called professionally, is the procedure through which all the hard or soft deposits and superficial stains are removed from the teeth surface. This results in clean teeth that are ready to undergo the whitening procedure. Scaling is done before teeth whitening so that there is uniform whitening and the deposits do not interfere with the whitening reaction.

The dental hygienist prepared me for the procedure by draping me. Now she started moving the steel tip of the scaler over my teeth one by one. Even though I don’t like the sound of it, I was at peace except for few instances when I asked her to pause.

When she rubbed the tip against my teeth, especially on the lower teeth, I got slightly uncomfortable. I could sense the taste of blood also. Hence, I asked her if my mouth was bleeding. She assured me that my gums bled slightly due to the mild inflammation from the deposits on my teeth. Within about a period of fifteen minutes or so, I was done with my cleaning.

Teeth whitening

Now, the Dentist came in and gave me a mirror so that I could appreciate the removal of those stains that I had initially. Another important thing that the doctor wanted me to note is the current shade of my teeth.

Through teeth whitening the teeth gets lighter by at least 5 to 6 shades. The doctor explained that the procedure of teeth whitening would take about 45 minutes or so. She told me not to anticipate for unrealistic I was excited for the end result and was little nervous about what to expect during the treatment.

A plastic separator was kept between my upper and lower teeth so that my mouth remained open during the treatment. Though I felt slightly uneasy in the beginning, I could make peace with the separator within a minute or two.

The doctor applied the bleaching gel on my teeth and then a special light was kept close to my teeth for few seconds. The first round went smoothly. I had no trouble throughout the first round.

During the second round I felt a mild ache on my gums. It was like a combination of mild pain and slight burning sensation. I reported about it to the doctor and he suggested that this occurs in some people and that there is nothing to worry about.

Even though I was little nervous to carry on with the next round, I just gave my consent as something within me said that I can trust my dentist.

I had to undergo a total of 3 similar kind of sessions and each time I noticed a visible improvement in the shade of my teeth. By the third round, the doctor felt that my teeth were looking realistically white and another round would have made it look artificially bright.

So we stopped by the third round and then I looked at myself and my smile in the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My teeth were incredibly white and now I could proudly call them my pearly whites literally.

Take-home kit

After my teeth were cleaned by the hygienist, the prints of my teeth and gums were taken with the help of a unique dough. This was done to create trays for my take-home kit.

My Dentist handed over the trays (one for upper teeth and one for lower) along with a tube of whitening gel. She instructed me to apply the gel on the trays and place it is on my teeth.

The gel was to be kept for about 30 minutes. I was directed to do the self-whitening for about three to four days at home. This was meant to retain the whitening effect.

Instructions after teeth whitening

There are few things that the Dentist told me to be careful about-

  1. Reduce the intake of colored beverages- I was asked to abstain from tea, coffee or coke so that the whitening effect lasts longer.
  2. Apply sensitive toothpaste– If I develop sensitivity towards hot or cold food, my dentist asked me to use toothpastes like Sensodyne.

My friends wedding was just one week away and thankfully all went well. It was very much in the way I had dreamed of and I was complimented for my new celebrity look and smile! Team at My Plano Dental had a great share in that bunch of compliments for sure!

I recommend the Dentist and the team at My Plano Dental highly! I penned down my experience so that it could help someone who is little shaky about their decision to undergo teeth whitening. You can surely go ahead with it. If put in a single line – If I can, you definitely can!

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