Makeup Trends You Have to Try

While there are people who choose to ignore trends completely, there are also those who follow them to the letter. As exciting it is to keep an eye out for the latest makeup trends, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with every single one of them, especially if you’re a makeup aficionado. If you’re passionate about makeup and excited about the upcoming trends but still don’t want to spend a fortune on a myriad of different products, we’re here to help. We bring you a list of hottest makeup trends you simply have to try this season:

Glitter all the waymakeup trends

For all of us who can’t get enough of glitters, the season before us brings a treat – glitter everywhere! We’re talking about glitter eyebrows, glitter eyelids, glitter lips, and glitter nails, though not all at the same time. If you’re looking for something subtle to incorporate into your everyday look, metallics might be just what you need – metallic eyeshadows and lipsticks or glittery eyeliner will give you a subtle glow that won’t be out of place in the office or class. On the other hand, chunks of glitter on your eyelids and eyebrows won’t look odd if you decide to wear it on your night out or to a festival. Of course, you could always reach for a subtle glitter-based highlighter instead and shine every day.

Glossy lips

Even though it seemed as if we’ve said goodbye to lip glosses a couple of years ago, they’re making a comeback to the makeup scene. Still, the gloss we see today is vastly different from what we remember from the early 2000s, and there are brands that have been working on non-sticky versions that will keep your hair safe. People like their lips hydrated and already there are treatment glosses on the market that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and plum oil designed to make out lips soft and smooth. Let’s face it – matte lipsticks might be fun, but they will leave your lips dry and parched afterwards, and we’re finally ready to leave them behind.

Extravagant lashes

While there are girls who are perfectly content to apply false lashes every day, it can cause irritation and make your eyelids itchy. This is the reason why lash lift is so popular: it raises and curls your natural lashes more and accentuates it in a noticeable yet perfectly natural way. It means that you won’t have to get eyelash extensions or apply false lashes for weeks at a time. This is especially important when we talk about another trend that’s been taking over the world: the use of vibrant mascaras. Brightly colored mascaras are available in many hues so you can choose blue, white, green, or purple.

‘Barely there’ makeup

makeup trends

Even though we sometimes spend hours applying our makeup, we do it in hopes of accentuating our features and looking natural. It is for this reason that minimal and ‘barely there’ makeup trends are here to stay – the ‘no makeup’ look is once again in focus. We can’t deny that perfectly sculpted and contoured cheeks and noses are a form of art, but we also can’t ignore the fact that it takes a long time to get the look in the first place. Aiming for a light and airy look will leave you looking feminine but it will also be refreshing for your skin, not to mention your budget too.

Bushy brows

Heavily structured brows have surely been fun to draw, but if you’re growing tired of the trend you’ll be relieved to discover that natural, bushy brows are making a comeback. It might be because our eyebrows have ‘suffered’ so much from the previous trends that everyone noticed it’s time to give them a bit of rest. Clear brow gels are all you’ll need for the following season, but you can also try applying oils to help them recover and grow faster. “The messier the better” seems to be the motto and you can freely add even more shape and volume to your brows if you’d like.

Even if you’re not exactly passionate about makeup and aren’t dying to try out all the new trends that come up, you are probably at least a bit curious to find out if any of these look good on you. While following each and every trend blindly will leave you broke and confused, you might want to give at least some of them a try. Who knows, perhaps you discover something that will become a part of your daily routine and not just a passing interest.

Fiona Adams is a freelance lifestyle writer inspired by traveling and colorful world around her. Different cultures, people and food make her want to stay on the road forever.

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