Little Black Dress for Women

Any fashion-conscious woman would have heard or used the acronym LBD; this stands for ‘Little Black Dress’. An LBD is something that every woman must have in her wardrobe because of the simplicity, class, and versatility that it adds to her ensemble. It is usually a black dress with simple clean-cut lines with little or no embellishments.

When faced with an important event, the first thing you hear almost every woman say is ‘I don’t have what to wear’. The menfolk are usually perplexed by this global phenomenon, but the truth is that the woman means and believes what she said.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why every woman needs an LBD. Actually, a couple of cute little black dresses wouldn’t hurt at all. Additionally, we will share tips on how to choose the right LBD and also how to accessorize it so stay with us.

Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Little Black Dress

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We mentioned briefly that there are a number of reasons why every woman needs to have a cute little black dress in her wardrobe. We will now go further and expatiate on 5 reasons below:-

Never Goes out of Fashion

We stated earlier on that almost every woman would complain that they don’t have clothes to wear whenever they have an important event. One of the main reasons for this dilemma is that a lot of women buy fashionable dresses that they most often do not wear more than a couple of times before it goes out of fashion.

This dilemma can be solved with a little black dress because it never goes out of fashion. Due to its clean and simple cut, it remains a classic. You can always pick up an LBD that you bought 10 years ago (as long as you can still fit into it lol) and still look fashionable in it.


LBDs are very versatile because they can fit into any occasion be it a sombre or festive event. Any woman who has at least one of these simple numbers in her wardrobe doesn’t need to go shopping for every event that she has. This piece can turn into a hot little number with some sexy accessories, it can become a professional piece and it can be appropriate for an informal occasion with the right jacket and footwear.

Comes in Handy for Emergencies

Imagine that you just came in from a long day at work or you have been busy with the kids and house chores all day and then you get a call for a very important black-tie event. Most women would go shopping when they get an IV for such an event ahead of time. But seeing that you do not have time to go shopping or begin to look for what to wear, a little black dress often comes to the rescue.

Has a Slimming Effect

Most men can testify to the fact that the worst question they dread hearing from a woman is ‘Do I look fat in this dress? You are damned whether you say yes or no!

The fact is that some colours, designs, and styles make a woman appear bigger than they really are. So when a woman asks the dreaded question the person that was questioned is often in a dilemma about how to answer.

One free tip for every man out there; buy an LBD for that important female in your life (two or more wouldn’t hurt!). This will save you the hassle of thinking of how to answer the ‘Does this dress make me look fat’ question. This is because black outfits make a person appear thinner than they really are. So for those days when you feel bloated but want to look your best just reach out for that little black dress and roll with it.

Easy to Accessorize

Every woman can attest to the fact that it is quite difficult to accessorize a colorful outfit; single-colored outfits are hard to accessorize but multi-colored ones take the cake. Thankfully with a dark outfit, you do not have to wrack your head over how to accessorize to avoid looking ratchet or overdressed. You can hardly go wrong with accessory pieces with a dark outfit.

For some accessorizing ideas, you can check out this site:

Tips for Accessorizing a Little Black Dress

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Whether you are a drama queen or prim and proper, your personality can always shine through with an LBD. It is a perfect canvas to showcase almost any kind of accessory piece. That being said, however, you must endeavour not to detract from the elegance of your dark outfit by choosing the wrong accessory.

Below are some simple tips for accessorizing an LBD:-

  1. Use an embellished collar or a scarf – There are detachable collars that you can use to switch up your outfit and give it a different look for different occasions. Scarves also do wonders for dark outfits.
  2. Wear the right earrings – Large and dangly earrings will draw attention to your face while smaller studs will make you look more elegant and classier. So, choose your earrings depending on the occasion and the effect you want to create.
  3. Use different types of brooches and watches – You can use different styles of brooches and watches to switch up the dark outfit for different occasions. You can wear a male oversized watch if you are going to a sporty informal event and pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers. Going to a professional event calls for a timeless piece like a cameo brooch or family heirloom.
  4. Wear tights – Tight is a piece of clothing that can not only make you feel comfortable in your LBD but also make t appropriate for some settings. You may want to elevate the outfit by using embellished tights with extra designs.
  5. Throw on some gold or silver necklace/jewellery – Thinking of how to achieve that regal and classy look? Go with a statement piece made of gold or silver; you can never go wrong with that.


Although LBDs are timeless classics that every woman must have and that work for every occasion, choosing the right fit and cut is essential. Click here for tips on how to choose the appropriate LBD for you.

We have shared some basic facts about little black dresses and we believe that the tips shared here will come in handy. One final thought to bear in mind is that you must invest in dresses made from top-quality materials and with superior workmanship. Only then can you be sure of getting durable pieces.

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