Lia Kees

Lia was born and grew up in Central Asia, and her way to success in Europe is interesting and exciting. As she was 6 years old her family moved to Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated University with a BA degree in public relations , and later has completed a course in at the coaching academy Mindset Academy International  

Along her career in the fashion industry she has been a guest writer for a number of women’s magazines, writing about psychology of relationship, self-improvement, and wellness.

Lia has helped and supported many aspiring models, and young women to move forward in their professional and personal lives, by sharing her own experience in her articles and blog posts.

She has changed her own career in the fashion industry to the glamour after she got an offer from the Playboy magazine to be on the cover page. Lia says that “I always wanted to show the feminine beauty, and on the catwalk it was rarely possible. I’ve never been a good fit for demonstrating unisex clothes.” The pivot was a successful one. After Playboy she worked for a number of glam magazines, and in 2022 she was chosen to be the face for PROVOQUE lingerie brand.

Success and seemingly easy and sparkling professional live was “counterbalanced” by a turbulent events in her private life. Beautiful, smart and charismatic personality Lia is a magnet for love. As in a fairy tale one day she met a man who was, she thought, was the man of her life. The love story which looked like a fairy tale at the beginning turned into a horror story later. She got to know what is abuse, and how many forms ranging from disrespect to physical and mental pain it can take. Unlike (unfortunately) many other women, she found courage to break up. She left the relationship not only heartbroken, but also literally devastated by the bulling campaign sponsored by her ex-boyfriend. Fake stories and massive online bulling has been the public revenge the ex has taken on Lia.

Who has survived bulling at school or in a workplace knows that it leaves deep scarves if not on the body but on the soul. The period of courage Lia needed to withstand shitstorms and public linch followed by a period of going deep down the slippery slop to party and nightclub life, experimenting with substances. The way down is always much easier than the way up, especially when someone is surrounded by others who gave up their hopes and chose the relax of giving up. The hardest thing is to stop before it’s too late. Luckily, Lia has realised that ending up like Marilyn Monroe, Courtney Studenn or Lindsay Lohan is not what she wants. She stood up and left the “party life” for good.

“Be the star! Be an example of what is possible in life! Live an extraordinary life by creating it.” says Lia. The point is to learn from an experience or a failure, and I want to share what I’ve learned and help aspiring models with tools and advise on how to stay on the course, to persevere and achieve the goal. I learned a lot about the skills and knowledges one need to be successful, to be the Star! I share it openly with my clients, because I want them to have a little less bumpy road to success. I love every difficulty and problem I see them as my teachers. And I want to share my knowledge and experience with others”

Find out more about cooperation with Lia on her Instagram and later on her website which I will share with you Soon.

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