Lets Makeup By Lissette™ Slaying brows one hair at a time


Eyebrows can make or break your face. When you don’t have visible brows your face will lack expression. The right eyebrows can rejuvenate your face and give the right balance. Did you know they communicate the emotions in your face?

Start at the right place

Your eyebrows must start at the right place. You may get a completely different look with the right shape of brows! I’m sure you’ve seen a nice looking pair on Instagram and you wondered how you can get beautiful brows like that.

Which shape fits your face

Do you want to have stunning brows? And do you want to know which shape fits your face? Lets Makeup By Lissette™  is the brow expert in Houston Texas. She was inspired to start her brow business when she wanted to help women feel like their best with something as simple as eyebrows.

Leave it to the brow expert

It’s amazing what a beautifull pair of brows can do for you! Brows determine your facial expression by modeling them you look more youthful. If your eyebrows are blonde or doesn’t fit your hair, leave it to a brow expert! You will look better and your eyes will get more expression.

You can find her on instagram @letsmakeupbylissette

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