Jewelry Trends 2021: Top 4 Pieces To Fall Head Over Heels For

jewelry trends

“Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply the icing on the cake.” -Misty Burgess.

2021 brought lots of fun, beautiful, and statement jewelry pieces to the table. From funky hoop earrings to charm necklaces, you got to witness numerous trends all over the internet. And, now that this year is almost over, how about reminiscing about the top 4 jewelry trends of the year?

But before we go any further, you must know that this article includes those trends that you can easily incorporate into your style.

That’s being said, let’s check out the trends!

Mis-Matched Earrings

The first piece on the list is mismatched earrings. These earrings were all over social media stealing the spotlight. These will help in adding an edge to your overall outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a basic white tee with denim, adding a mismatched earring will elevate your outfit immediately.

The best part, you may ask?

You need not spend money to add these to your collection. Simply pick any two earrings, and you are all good to go! Plus, you can also wear them solo (a great way to utilize your half pairs.)

Lab Diamond Rings

Diamonds are and always will be a girl’s best friend! However, not every girl can afford them. Fortunately, now you can add this beautiful element to your collection in the form of lab-created diamonds. Not to forget, these are purer than the mined diamonds, yet more affordable. In fact, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between both.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why these are gaining immense popularity. You can also consider investing in affordable lab created diamond rings or other accessories. It will add instant spark to your outfit and make you stand out from the rest!

Multicolor Bead Chokers

If you are looking forward to trying a vacay-ready look, having multicolored bead accessories- especially chokers and bracelets is a MUST!

The detailing of colorful beads adds a fun vibe to the accessories as well as your attire. Plus, you can try one accessory in multiple ways. For instance, if you have a beaded choker, you can also wear it as a hand or ankle bracelet.

Also, you can customize them with the initials of your name or by adding any word or symbols such as flower, star, and others. If you have artistic skills, you can also DIY the choker.

Curb Chain Bracelet

No matter what year you are in, you can always make your outfits look classic with chain bracelets. They are timeless statement pieces. They come in several designs and can also be personalized. Plus, they also make thoughtful gifts for your family and friends.

However, you need to pay attention to the bracelet’s correct size. Otherwise, they might lose their grace. Apart from that, you can pair curb chains with any type of outfit, i.e., casual, formal, or party.

Wrapping It Up!

These are the top 4 jewelry trends you can add to your collection. Needless to say, these will add a variety to your jewelry box, from funky- street style to classic statement pieces. Not to mention, these are budget-friendly as well.

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