Interview with model Imaan Abdulle

When someone tells you that it cannot be done or it is impossible just realize that it’s a reflection of their own limits and not yours. 

Tell us about yourself and what you do
This is always so difficult, ha. Well, my name is Imaan Abdulle. I am 20 years old and I do modeling and other fashion related things. I really like blogging too. Also, I am a dancer. I do ballet and contemporary so I like to include that too in for instance modeling. 

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Many people. I take inspiration from a lot of people in my life. I think I’m going to have to be a bit cheesy and say my mom mostly. My mom has taught me a lot about life. She had struggled herself but always got out of it. That really inspires me a lot. 

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Hmm, well as I just started recently for me it is getting signed to agencies. Also, being in a magazine is really cool for me. I was really happy about that.

Do you have any tips for any readers that are trying to become models?
I’d say to just go for it. Nowadays there are so many niches. There’s plus size, petite, alternative, commercial, editorial and so much more. If it is your dream, I’d say to just do it and make it happen. I think it can be more difficult though when you are different. I have that myself often too, but at the same time it makes you more special and it makes you stand out more. I think generally you should always follow your dreams regardless of difficulties. And when someone tells you that it cannot be done or it is impossible just realize that it’s a reflection of their own limits and not yours. 

What is the most difficult part about modeling and that industry?

I think it is different for everyone. I know for some it is the fact that they are constantly getting judged. What I find difficult sometimes is that as a black model things can get hard. There’s still quite some racism in this industry. Often it isn’t even direct, but more so that because you are a minority you will be overlooked sometimes. I notice that some agencies just want a very stereotypical kind of look that represents the population. Hence, here in the Netherlands models usually have to be tall because the average Dutch person is tall. Obviously, preferences make sense, but some agencies go very far with it when it comes to ethnicity, size, and height, etc.

Personally, I think diversity is much better. I feel like society has changed a lot and nowadays there are many people with different cultures, backgrounds, bodies, sexualities and much more. So I think the industry should represent them as well. It’s not a homogeneous society anymore, so I think as society has changed the modeling industry should change with it as well. Also, I think it would make the industry more popular and wanted. This is because it would represent the whole society and its people, not just a part. Everyone counts and everyone matters.

How do you want your modeling career to progress? 

I hope to get as far as I possibly can with modeling and collab with my favorite brands. Also, I’d love to do more international modeling. I have many big dreams and goals and I just want to achieve them and do the best I can.

Who is your favorite fashion model at the moment and why? 

Hmm, that is hard to choose. I think Iman Abdulmajid is a legend and I have admired her ever since I was little. However, at the moment I really like Devon Aoki. She is quite a petite model, but she got really far with modeling and has worked with Versace for instance. I think that is really amazing and admirable because as a shorter model it can be difficult to make it. I myself am shorter than the average height for models in the Netherlands, so she is very inspiring and admirable for me.

If you have to pick from these cities where would you model: New York, Milan, London or Paris?
New York, definitely! I love the diversity of New York, so 100% New York. 



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