Interview with Fanny Axén branding and PR expert

What is it about working in PR that you like the most?
Helping people achieve there dreams is the best feeling, but also it’s very challenging and you have to be creative, no day looks the same to me and I like that.

Mention an artist or project that you contributed to a lot?
Mohombi is one of the most successful artists /songwriters in Scandinavia and I worked with him for a long time from early days so I would say that’s something I am very proud of cause I had to do it my way, no one told me what to do and it really paid off. Today he has 2 Grammy awards and over 1 billion views on youtube.

What do you like and don’t like about Social Media?
I don’t like that the young generation now thinks that all you have to do is become big on social media, u don’t need school education or working hard.

Which I know isn’t true but I see it everyday everyone wants to become a YouTuber and influencer.

And, in my opinion, a lot of these people are not good role models.

What I do like that you can really be independent as an artist wanting to build their brand through social media.

3 Artists, that we need to keep an eye and ear open to?
@Mikaela, @Kristofergreczula and @RoJamesxix in my opinion.

What country would you say has a lot of talented artists but don’t get as much attention music wise?
Rumania and Italy. They got some huge acts over there but the rest of the world doesn’t know about them.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Brands right now Fashion nova and Amurai that’s an upcoming really cool street brand from 2 very talented men from Sweden

Where can we follow you?
Instagram @fanny.axen

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