Interview with artist Jae Billingham

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When you look at art you are getting a glimpse of that persons personality and life experiences

Tell us about yourself and what you do:
Firstly I’m an artist, secondly I’m an artist and thirdly I’m an artist. Art is my world, there is nothing else I could ever see myself doing. I live in England, uk but I do travel a lot to the USA for art workshops. I am constantly updating my art techniques, I have just started to explore digital art and am using this medium to create my Tarot Card project. When you look at art you are getting a glimpse of that persons personality and life experiences, mine is through a Tarot Card deck


Who has inspired you in your life and why?
I am pretty much inspired by everyone I meet, I am always interested in people experiences but I am especially inspired by people who against all odds achieve their dreams and goals,although I do believe we never get it done, meaning once we have achieved a dream or goal there are always more things to achieve.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
It has to be getting past my hearing loss and not letting it disrupt my life. Being a hearing person for all my life and then to have it gone a few years ago was pretty devastating, I was sad for about 3 seconds, I decided that its was the only 3 seconds of my life that my hearing loss was going to make me feel bad. Now I see it as a blessing for my world opened up to a different culture and some interesting ways of communicating. I feel it also helped me be more expressive in my art.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Art is an expression, its a connectiveness (I’m pretty sure not is not a word lol) and you will attract people on that level, you speak to them through your art. You can pretty much guarantee that if someone is attracted to a piece they have experienced the expression of it somewhere along the way, so I think in art its not about breaking into the industry and its about reaching inside a person.

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