Interview with actress, life-coach and jewelry designer Oxana Lovich

Oxana Lovich

Oxana Lovich shares with us how she combines several passions into creating a career that she loves

It is such a pleasure to interview you today Oxana. As I know you are an actress, life-coach and a jewelry designer. How are you able to combine these completely different professions?
Thank you very much for this interview. Well, since I love my work very much, I would say I am absolutely blessed because I never feel that I am working. I enjoy every moment while creating, so, even though these paths seem unrelated, they all provide for me some avenue of creativity. Jewelry making is an art, and it is also a form of mediation for me which allows me to clear my mind so I may help others. Acting provides the outlet for my extroversion and strengthens my empathetic muscles. Life coaching is a foundation for everything that I do. It allows me to learn while teaching others and reinforces my own self-confidence while also instilling the same in my clients.

Oxana Lovich

Wow, how are you able to manage your time? Three professions must be taking lots of time.
I thrive on the ability to juggle multiple projects at once. For me to do one thing would not be living to my fullest potential, and would not satisfy all my creative passions. What truly helps me organize my time is my discipline and work ethic. Time management is an incredible tool, and I learned that creating a schedule is imperative to successful productivity.

Interesting, can you tell us about your jewelry and life-coaching business
Yes, my jewelry line is healing stones. I use only profoundly healing stones that I intuitively combine with other stones to create jewelry that is not just beautiful, but healing. In my life coaching business, I apply a unique combination of traditional and non-traditional therapeutic techniques to achieve the fastest and longest lasting results.

What about acting? When did you know you wanted to become an actor? What do you like the most about being an actress?
When I was 16 I knew my passion very well. That is exactly when I started taking acting classes and had a desire to move to Los Angeles. What I like the most about being an actress is the fact that I can experience the lives of so many characters. Every role that play I learn so much from my characters. I learn to widen my perspective and see the world through different eyes. I strengthen my imagination, and also my ability to control my emotions. Acting is the school of life for me. I learn so much about life, different people and different points of view that I believe acting provides for me a foundation in which I can better accomplish all my other goals.

I know that you originally from Russia, and came to the USA just a few years ago. Have you ever missed Russia, or thought of coming home?
I absolutely love my country, and I am proud to have been born in Russia. However my soul and my spirit feels at home in the US, so the thought of coming back permanently never crossed my mind. I am constantly in touch with my family, and thanks to social media, it is easy to learn about each others’ lives, so it feels like we are together, even though we are long distance.

Can you tell in a few words something you would like people to know?
Don’t be afraid to create the life you dream of. That is why you were born: to create. Don’t be afraid to fall; it is the best part of growing. Be always grateful; gratitude is like a magnet of abundance. Love yourself unconditionally and you will create more love on Earth. Forgive. No one is perfect, and holding a grudge is only hurting you.

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Oxana Lovich

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