Ibiza Style: What to wear on a trip to Ibiza

Ibiza Style

Ibiza has been a favorite destination for years. Not strange, because the temperature is nice almost all year round and the atmosphere very relaxed. This island has also produced a true style, also known as the ‘Ibiza style’. A substyle is the ‘Ibiza Chic’. But what does it look like? I have bought “Ibiza style” clothing. Another name for Ibiza style is also Bohemian style. In this blog I would like to explain elements that are common in this trend. Because it is not only about clothing, but also in your house this cheerful colorful style can be combined with a sleek or rural interior.

Various fashion brands like Femme Luxe Finery complement this look. Not surprising that these brands are often very colorful since the island is known as a paradise for hippies. The influence of the hippie culture is therefore strongly reflected in the Ibiza style accessories, clothing and interiors.

Ibiza has been visited by a large, mixed group since the sixties; the so-called ‘hippies’ are the most famous public. This is not strange, since this island stands for ‘ultimate freedom’. Who or what you are does not matter here. You will not be surprised that the clothing style is also ‘loose’.

  White Halter Neck Bralette, Ibiza tyle

White Halter Neck Bralette & Shorts Co-Ord

Bohemian style

The most iconic clothing style for Ibiza falls back on the Bohemian look, also introduced by the hippies. The outfits that you see here are airy, wide and often brought together with botanical and ethnic prints, mainly inspired by the costumes of gypsy peoples.

The jewelry is extravagant, ranging from colorful color combinations to silver and golden hues, combined with many turquoise stones.

Opposite the Bohemian look you will find the elegant ‘Ibiza Chic’. The colors are quite light and smooth, the outfit is still loose, but the look is a bit more “urban”. Think of a white lace dress, brought together with some gold jewelry. The dresses are a bit less short, the frayed jeans and flip flops let you down.

Simplicity, refinement and class are the key to ‘Ibiza Chic’. Nowadays it is a much-chosen theme and dress code at summer weddings.

Ibiza style,  Hot Pink Mesh Frill Deep Plunge Bodysuit

Hot Pink Mesh Frill Deep Plunge Bodysuit

Ibiza Chic for women

Ibiza Chic is an informal dress code, but don’t make it too casual. Choose beautiful ‘sandals’ or heels for the ‘Chic effect’. Accessories are important and not too much. Choose a matching bag

Ibiza style Use of color

‘Ibiza Chic’ focuses primarily on white, pastel shades, turquoise, olive green and purple, varying from bluish lavender to eggplant. The colors must have a fresh and natural look. What also fits very well in this style is a white tunic with folklore piping with bright, sometimes almost neon-like colors. This gives a fresh and summery feeling. However, if Ibiza Chic is the dress code at a wedding, avoid the white and then choose a soft pastel or another fresh color.

 Mustard Scarf Print Shirt Dress

Mustard Scarf Print Shirt Dress 

Details and fabrics

A fabric that manages to emphasize an airy appearance very well, and also fits with ‘Ibiza Chic’, is natural linen; especially with trousers, you see this material often coming back. Other outfits often consist of cotton or suede products.

In addition, knitted or crocheted items are also popular, as are fringes and ruffles. Lace details are also often seen at Ibiza Chic. This makes the outfit look light and romantic.

Pink One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress

Pink One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress 

Ibiza Chic kimono

Although the Bohemian look with denim shorts can look great, this is not Ibiza Chic. Outfits that do comply with this style are loose-fitting maxi dressers, in white or pastel shades, and decorated with subtle gold ornaments.

A dress with a large floral or boho print can also go very well with this style. A strip skirt with a nice top is also a good option. You can wear a nice crochet wrap to finish it off. To add an extra to your outfit, you can choose a “Bohemian” kimono or a crochet waistcoat. Complete the outfit with beautiful heels, espadrilles or elegant slippers.

The Ibiza style is characterized by cheerful, bright colors combined with calm basic elements and busy prints. Do you ever stand in front of the cupboard and you don’t know what to wear? Pick out what you want and combine. Provide colorful details and feel yourself a real boho chick!

Natural materials in the Ibiza style

The island of Ibiza has a lot of natural material. This can be found in the products. Think of feathers, colorful beads, silver-colored charms and shells from the sea. You will also regularly find elements of wood or stone on an Ibiza bag, necklace or bracelet. These elements give a special character and ensure the special atmosphere that the Ibiza style products carry. Are you already looking forward to a holiday?

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