How to wear leather skirts during the winter season

leather skirt

Leather skirts are a must have in your winter wardrobe. It’s a versatile piece and even when it’s cold you can stay warm with black tights or boots. There are different styles to choose from pleated skirts, leather pencil skirts or, miniskirts. Read on for some winter inspiration!

Knee high boots  
You can easily create a sophisticated look with the right accessories. If you are short a miniskirt is great and will make you look taller, combine it with high heeled boots, to the knee or over the knee. You can add different materials like suede to style your winter look. Click the link for more leather skirts.

Make a Statement
Combine your black skirt with a polka dot blouse or a shirt with geometric patterns , to create a stylish chic look. A satin blouse or white blouse looks great if you add a colorful necklace to it. You can find a lot of these stylish items on StyleWe to complete your winter wardrobe.

Classic and elegant
You might not associate leather with elegance, but you can definitely make it so if you combine it with the right clothes. Go for long pleated leather skirts and and combine with a tweet or wool jacket in a contrasting color. Wear this look with high heels or ballet flats and add a silk or satin scarf.

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