How to Transition Your Wardrobe through Seasons Like a Scandinavian Woman

Scandi is timeless, sophisticated, rebellious, effortless, and chic, all in one go. It perseveres through ages of fashion trends as one of the finest ways to deliver quite a stylish punch with a minimalist mindset, all the while retaining your authentic charisma through your wears. As soon as you land your eyes on a gorgeous Scandinavian gal wearing simple jeans paired with a loose shirt and a black tote, you think: how is it possible that someone looks so damn rock and roll with such a basic ensemble?

It’s the art of Scandi, and it takes time to imbue your own look with the key principles of this fashion approach. If you already love all things Scandinavian and you’re dying to test your own wardrobe for Scandi vibes, here are a few tips to keep your year-round look inspired by this timeless philosophy.

Careful with statement pieces


Simplicity is at the very heart of this style. That is not limited to the idea of the main items in your wardrobe, such as choosing a clean white shirt over a floral one, or opting for cotton over synthetic blends. The same principle applies to your accessories, since Scandi women have the skills to make a perfect impression with less – and that takes some skill, ladies!

It’s easy to attract attention with a massive layered necklace, a pair of earrings, and several chunky rings when you combine them with a simple outfit. It takes some practice to find the perfect statement piece that is as subtle as the rest of your wearables, such as a wrist watch or a single pendant necklace, that will delicately stand out. Plus, all of their baubles are perfect all year long.

Pick your Scandi essentials wisely

Since the winters tend to be very cold in Scandinavia, ladies there need to learn which items they can afford to wear throughout the year in order to stay fresh in the summer and keep warm in the winter. That means choosing lightweight items you can layer with ease (to which we’ll get shortly), and opting for natural fabrics that protect your pores.

For example, wearing a t shirt dress is possible in every season, if you know how to pair it with the right booties, a leather jacket, and a massive warm scarf. Peel the layers off, replace the booties with your favorite flat sandals, and you’re ready for summer. Add a silk scarf as a belt, and you’re set for a cocktail evening. Minimalism is indeed the key principle of Scandi, so fewer items mean more combinations and more creativity. The same applies to your pair of vintage jeans, your button-down, and your clean white sneakers – easy to mix and match, super comfortable, and simple to layer.

Scandi is all about layers


Now that you’ve settled on the essentials in your closet, it’s time to think of different ways to combine them for every season. Perhaps you don’t live in Scandinavia per se, but you can still benefit from the practice! Learn how to add an oversized sweater over your form-fitting shirt, or throw a tight sweater under that dress with no sleeves. Play with two or three layers to find your perfect balance!

Comfort comes first

Every season has its challenges, but Scandi women know how to keep themselves comfortable no matter the weather condition, all at no expense for their lovely look. Go for stylish flats over pinching heels any time of the year, and choose multi-purpose footwear. Stick to fabrics you know suit your skin instead of synthetic ones that might look a tad more appealing – your skin will disagree.

Purpose paired with beauty

Finally, every single item a Scandi gal owns is based in meaning. The wrist watch is not just a statement piece, but it serves to tell time, the eyewear protects them from harsh sunlight, and the scarves keep them warm. That, however, doesn’t prevent them from choosing stunning pieces that complement their look. So, the next time you’re on an accessory hunt, think about the use, and not just the beauty of your add-ons – and they’ll likely serve you well through all four seasons.

With the help of layering and minimalism as the key principles of your style mindset, you will easily create a wardrobe that will be purposeful and stunning for any occasion and throughout the entire year!

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