How to Style the Quiet-Luxury Look This Summer

Summer is here, and you may find that your calendar is filling up. This is the time of year for outdoor music festivals, breezy beach vacations, and backyard graduation parties. As you plan your summer wardrobe, you’ll want versatile pieces that can easily move from event to event. Also known as minimalist dressing, the quiet-luxury trend can be dressed up or down, depending on the weather and the event.


What Is the Quiet-Luxury Fashion Trend?

Remember the pink Ugg boots and Louis Vuitton Murakami bags of the early 2000s? This early example of maximalist fashion focused on bright colors, striking details, and bold luxury labels. Also known as statement dressing, these over-the-top looks featured contrasting patterns, fabrics, and colors. Fashionistas created these looks to turn heads and draw attention.

Post-COVID, quiet-luxury outfits emerged as a combination of comfortable pandemic loungewear and pre-pandemic workwear. A favorite of celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Zoe Kravitz, this minimalist style features timeless pieces, like blazers and cute pants, in neutral hues. Many quiet-luxury enthusiasts use black, beige, and caramel brown as their primary color palettes.

How to Achieve the Quiet-Luxury Look

To start your quiet-luxury look this summer, focus on a few simple rules. First, buy pieces made from quality fabrics. Organic and sustainably sourced materials like wool, cotton, silk, linen, and cashmere are excellent choices. Avoid synthetic blends found in most fast fashion clothing. Quality pieces in timeless silhouettes last longer and provide a solid foundation for any look.

Next, find a reputable tailor to alter your capsule pieces. For you to achieve that quiet-luxury look, your clothes should skim your body without being too tight or too loose. Sleeves that are too short and buttons that gape in the chest make your quiet-luxury style look sloppy. A tailor can hem pants, shorten sleeves, and move buttons to create that perfect fit.

Finally, focus on creating a high-quality capsule wardrobe. You should be able to mix and match these capsule pieces to create casual or elegant looks. For the perfect summer look, try these essential items:

A Quality Dress

Cute dresses in neutral colors can move from a day at the office to an evening dinner out with ease. Mini dresses can show too much skin, and maxi dresses can look frumpy. The midi dress achieves the perfect balance of sexiness and elegance. Best of all, people of all shapes and sizes can rock a midi dress.

A fitted black midi dress can slim problem areas and make you look long and lean. Add a blazer for the perfect work-appropriate office look. Swap out the blazer with a cropped moto jacket for a night out on the town.

Classic Tank Top

Comfy loungewear like a classic tank keeps you cool while looking sleek and effortless. Pair a white tank with straight-leg jeans and ballet flats for running errands around town. Going back to work? Wear a white tank with black pants and a structured blazer for a great look for your next meeting. Look for shirts made from silk, linen, or organic cotton to elevate this simple outfit.

A Lightweight Button-Down Shirt

Take a cue from the guys by pairing a button-down shirt with jeans or trousers. For summer, look for shirts made from linen or cotton for maximum comfort. Leave the shirt unbuttoned over a tank for a casual look, or button up the shirt for a classic style. To achieve quiet-luxury status, hire a tailor to make any necessary adjustments. Before you put on your button-down, make sure it is freshly pressed, especially if the shirt is linen.

Many people think they need to tuck in their shirts completely to look put-together. A tucked-in shirt may be too conservative and old-fashioned for fashion-conscious women. Instead, try a French tuck for that casual but luxurious look. Tuck the front of your shirt into your pants but let the back flow freely. A French tuck gives you the illusion of a more defined waist but still gives you extra coverage in the back.

Pleated Trousers

Flat-front pants give the wearer a more casual vibe. To upgrade your style with an air of quiet-luxury, try classic pleated trousers. Like the button-down shirt, pleated pants often recall classic menswear. Pleated pants look crisp and classic. Since the pleat adds approximately 1 inch in circumference to the pant leg, these pants are slightly looser than flat-front trousers. Many people find pleated pants to be more flattering because of this pants’ extra room.

Pleated pants also give the wearer more freedom to move. When you sit down, your thighs may spread out, and the extra fabric in the pleats can accommodate your legs easier. With flat-front pants, the fabric can be uncomfortably tight. If you choose pleated pants, make sure you iron them before wearing them to ensure crisp, clean lines.

Polished Everyday Shoes

Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels that damage your feet. Achieve that effortless look with a pair of classic sneakers. Bright sneakers with chunky soles and big logos may work for the gym, but you can also try a pair of simple cute sandals or lace-ups for a minimalist look. A minimalist sneaker uses high-quality materials like leather and suede. These shoes will feature a neutral color palette in black, gray, beige, or brown. Some brands offer minimalist sneakers with a slight flatform sole if you want an extra boost.

An Effortless Look for Every Occasion

The key to a quiet-luxury outfit is comfort. quiet-luxury outfits are easy to put together and comfortable to wear. Blazers, tank tops, and classic straight-leg pants are perfect first purchases for a quiet-luxury capsule collection. Mix and match these classic pieces with clothes you already own. Adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe can achieve that low-maintenance look that is turning heads all over Hollywood.

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