How To Stay Body Positive While Trying To Lose Weight 

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Losing weight is a process that changes our bodies as well as our state of mind. It is a transformation that deeply affects us on many levels, starting with our new self-perception and accepting our body changes, followed by reactions of people in our community. Given how society and media shape our idea of beauty, becoming and staying body positive is not a walk in the park. To fully accept your body as it is, and to finally feel comfortable about it takes a lot of effort, courage and tremendous support. However, once our hard-won body positive lifestyle starts to take its toll on our wellbeing, a new challenge arises – how to remain body positive during weight loss process?

body positive

Love yourself even more

A sure way to get distracted and to start the persistent flame of self-doubt is to pay attention to negative comments. Be good to yourself and drive away suspicion and negative thoughts from your mind by finding all the support you need, whether it is from your family, blogs or therapy.  Meditate on your intentions, use affirmations and create warm and safe mind eco-system where you are free an at peace with yourself. Love yourself and appreciate your body as well as your decisions. Remember, you already made it once,  and from there it can only get easier.

Don’t go on a diet. Change your eating habits.

Is there a difference? Yes, since going on a diet involves going through the agony of a strict regime, feeling hungry, counting calories and generally feeling anxious most of the time. Needless to mention, most diets have a short-term effect and are hardly worth the trouble. On the other hand, adopting healthy eating habits and a tummy tuck with  abdominoplasty beverly hills will have a profound and long-lasting effect on your wellbeing, where weight loss will come as a bonus instead of the goal. Same as with any other habit, shifting toward healthier lifestyle takes time and small steps. However, once eating healthy becomes a habit, it becomes effortless.

Celebrate your body with movement

Always remember that our bodies are designed to move, not to be still. Although mere thought of exercising sounds like a hideous idea to most people, know that there are many ways you can workout without ever stepping into the gym. Instead of making your regular exercise a dreadful duty, turn it into a pleasant experience that you look forward. Taking dance classes will make your body constantly on the move, while you will get to socialize and to enjoy music.  Also, taking a long walk with your favorite tune in your headphones will make the time fly, and you will enjoy the fresh air.

Ignore scale

Even though this sounds counter-intuitive, the best possible thing you can do for yourself is to avoid monitoring your weight loss on a weighing scale. Just forget about it and continue with improving your new healthy eating regime. Avoid processed food and cook new meals every week. Replace alcohol and sugary drinks with water or herbal tea. Results will start to show in a while. See how your clothes fit and notice how easier it gets to take the stairs.

Ditch the guilt

Own your body and know that when it comes to decision making, you answer to no one but yourself. Your body is your business only, so instead of pleasing other people, make it only about you, and do whatever it takes to feel good and comfortable in your body. Although, for some people, losing weight is a step to a healthier life, know that you don’t need any excuses. Free yourself from the guilt and don’t bother to justify your acts, whether you plan to have a body lift plastic surgery or to lose a significant amount of weight.

Dig deep

Analyze the motives behind your actions and look for true reasons why you wish to see changes in your body. Keep in mind that feeling of dissatisfaction and anxiety won’t disappear once you have a perfect waste line. Most of the times our problems lie deep inside and require some serious soul searching. Don’t hesitate to dig deep and look for obstacles within yourself that keep you from being happy. It is a long journey that all conscious beings need to take. Knowing the roots of your problems as well as addressing issues the right way is a sure way to have a quality and fulfilled life.


When talking about the body, people use different metaphors, from ”your temple” to ”your vehicle”. Although these terms are very suitable and useful, the most important part of the metaphor is ”YOURS”. Once you understand that your wellbeing and your body depends only on you (and vice versa), staying body positive comes naturally. Own your body at all times.

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