How To Prevent Hair Loss As You Age

If you are getting older then you might be worried about one major problem. Hair loss is a common occurrence in men but fear not. There are lots of lotions and potions out there that you can try. Not everything will work for you but once you find the product or trick that does you will really notice the difference in your hair.

Prevention is better than cure so if you notice your hair starting to go thin then try these hacks to prevent more from falling.

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You might have noticed that your hair is becoming weaker over time, this could be due to your diet. If you are not consuming a healthy balanced diet then your body won’t be getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to function. You should try to include all the food groups into your diet, these include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Foods rich in biotin are great for weak hair that is prone to fall. These foods have been scientifically proven to slow hair loss, nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, and oats to name a few.

You also need to be aware that your body might not be absorbing the nutrients from the foods you are consuming. You might also be lacking in certain vitamins which are leading to your hair thinning out. If you think this might be the case then look into taking a multivitamin to solve this problem.


You should be thinking about avoiding substances such as alcohol and tobacco if you are suffering from hair loss. Reducing your alcohol intake is very beneficial for increasing hair growth. This is due to the increased blood flow that reaches your scalp and stimulates newer, stronger hair to grow through. Alcohol can also cause your scalp to dry out which can cause it to itch and lead to dandruff.

Put Down The Brush

Brushing has been known to weaken the individual strands of your hair, especially when they are wet. Brushing your hair when it’s wet stretches your hair which then leads to breakages, more commonly split ends. Instead of brushing through your hair, you could try using a pomade specially formulated to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth.

If you can, heat should also be avoided. Heat is well-known for causing extensive damage to your hair if used regularly.

Avoid Stress

Finally, stress can really lead to your hair falling out, avoiding it where you can will make a world of difference to your hair. If you have a stressful work and home life you are more likely to suffer from hair loss and hair breakages. Your hair is more likely to fall out when you are stressed due to the rising levels of cortisol in your body. The rising levels of this hormone are responsible for distorting your natural hair cycle.

Taking time out of your busy day to practice relaxation and mindfulness will really help you unwind and give the cortisol levels a chance to return back to normal.

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