How To Pick The Right Shoes For The Gym

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Everyone knows that to choose nice clothes for sports activities isn’t so difficult than to pick the proper-fitting sports shoes. When you’re looking for the appropriate gym outfit, your key requirements are the natural materials and comfortable tailoring. But when it comes to the athletic shoes and you walk into a sports shoe store to buy the perfect pair for your workouts you can start having doubts as today any shoe store offers you so great variety of athletic shoes.

You can see different types of shoes for all sorts of activities in the shoe shop like running shoes, walking shoes, basketball shoes, cross-training shoes, etc. Commonly the shoes are clearly labeled in the shop according to their purpose. But how to choose workout shoes for the gym as you hardly find the shoes that will be clearly labeled as “gym shoes”. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect shoes to sport at the gym.

Identify Your Needs

Before picking the shoes for gym training, you should think what you plan to do during your workouts. Usual gym activities include exercising on different cardiovascular training machines, weightlifting, stretching and engaging in a variety of group fitness classes. Of course, you may have some favorite activities on which you focus more.  For example, if you`re going to spend most of your time jogging on the treadmill, it would be better to purchase a pair of durable running shoes. But if you plan to do a bit of everything regularly at the gym, you may buy a pair of cross-training shoes. Everything will depend on you and your fitness goals.

Types of Sports Shoes

You should know that there are several types of sports shoes that will be perfect for gym workouts.

  • Running shoes are specifically designed with some sort of motion control, stability and shock absorption technology. Such shoes also have a good heel control.
  • Court shoes include shoes for tennis, basketball and volleyball. They are created to provide a great deal of lateral and mid-foot support, durability and traction on the court.
  • Weightlifting shoes are mainly good for people who are serious about performing better and lifting more weights. The best weight training shoes for men as well as the weight training shoes women usually choose for their workouts should have a raised heel to increase ankle’s range of motion, allowing to do things like squat deeper.
  • Walking shoes are made for extra shock absorption in the heel of the shoes (especially under the ball of the foot) and for a smooth heel-to-toe motion. If you are among those people who supinate, you should choose the walking shoes for supination. By the way, the top walking shoes for supination will provide your feet a great comfort, durability, and arch support to keep you walking longer, faster and stronger.
  • Cross-training shoes combine several of the above features and are good for more than one exercise. For example, nice cross trainers have the flexibility in the forefoot you need while running and lateral control necessary for aerobics or tennis workouts.

Get The Right Fit

It’s also important to get the right fit when purchasing the shoes for gym training. That`s why you should buy your sports shoes at the end of the day or after a physical workout because your feet will be at their largest and the fit will be similar to the way they will fit during your workouts at the gym.

As you see, it takes you some time to choose the right sports shoes for your gym training, but don’t forget that proper-fitting shoes can enhance your performance and prevent injuries. So make the right choice!

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