How To Maintain Good Air Quality at Home

air quality

Spending time at home is comforting, especially in the winter months. But you also want to ensure that you regularly maintain good air quality as well so that you do not trigger any allergies or asthma attacks. Here is a brief guide on how you can keep up to date with your cleaning duties and maintain good air quality at home.

Dust Frequently

To help stop dust accumulating, it is a good idea to frequently clean the surfaces of your home each week. This will prevent dust from building up over time which can easily cause you to cough or sneeze.

Replace Carpets For Laminate Flooring

Dust mites can easily gather in your carpets or rugs, despite how often you clean them. So to maintain good air quality, especially in your bedroom try to opt for laminate or hardwood flooring to avoid a build up of dust mites.

Invest In an Air Conditioning Unit

Despite the negative press air conditioning units sometimes have, they can be really effective at preventing your allergies from emerging. They are good at purifying the air and helping to reduce the level of pollen in the room, which is easy to breathe in when you constantly have the windows open. Getting a professional to install one will help to prevent you from exposing your lungs to any irritants or airborne bacteria that can easily trigger your allergies. So it is definitely worth investing in one.

Clean The Filters In Your Home

There are several appliances in your home that will require the filters to be cleaned. They include your tumble dryer, vacuum cleaner and kitchen vents. Regularly cleaning them will help to prevent a build up of dust which can then easily float into the air.

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Buy Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can be great at maintaining good air quality in your home. All you need is at least one in every room to be able to notice the difference. Plants such as Aloe Vera, Lilies, Spider Plants and Ivy are great varieties to include. So as well as looking pretty they can provide an important function as well.

When Cooking Use Your Extractor Fan

To get rid of any strong lingering smells when you are cooking, it’s best to switch on your extractor fan so it can absorb any particles in the air. This will prevent it drifting to any other areas of your home and keep the air clean.

air quality

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Avoid Using Strong Air Fresheners

Although you might think it’s a good idea to buy a shop bought air freshener, it can still be full of strong chemicals which you then end up inhaling. This is not necessarily good for your lungs, so why not opt for natural homemade air fresheners instead, to provide a lovely fragrance.

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