How to Look Fab at the Gym and Slay with Your Style

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We dress up before we head out to work, we put extra effort into our looks when preparing for a night out – whether it’s clubbing or a romantic date. We even tend to strive to look our most stylish when going out to brunch or simply running around town doing errands. So, why should we neglect our gym look and exercise in shabby workout clothes? The gym is where we’re known as much as everywhere else, and it’s just another place in which we get to put our best look forward and completely slay. If we put in the effort in all other places and in front of all other people, why not dazzle other gym goers and feel and look great even while breaking a good sweat? In case you haven’t heard, thanks to the ultimate dominance of the athleisure trend, we are now able to look incredible for our workout session, so incredible in fact, that we can just walk out and take ourselves for a nice smoothie afterwards. Hey, if the likes of Bella Hadid can rock sportswear in the street, so can we, and today we’re giving you the skinny on how to get that supermodel almost glam gym look.

Cute and supportive gym look

No successful workout can be achieved without great support for the ‘girls’. However, in the past we were faced with tons of supportive yet unsightly sports bras that we had to hide under a tee or a sweatshirt. Well, sportswear companies have certainly upped their game and now we get to wear our bras and show them off too. There is the trendy millennial pink option provided by Nike, and very few bras look as cute as the ones in this particular pink hue. Still, there are bustier girls as well, and perhaps something of this variety won’t offer the kind of support you need, but luckily there are other stylish options that also ‘do the work’. There’s the minimal and super interesting Panache Underwire Sports Bra as well as the gorgeous black by Lululemon Enlite with the chic diagonal back straps. No hiding under gym look hoodies for us anymore. As Queen B says, I came to slay. You can bring a cool fitted grey zip-up hoodie, but that’s more for after the gym.

Show it off

Some people prefer to exercise in sweatpants, and while those are a comfy and sometimes even cute option, if you want to look, as Dua Lipa says, hotter than hell, you will go with the amazing high-waist women’s exercise tights. Not only do they show off all your glorious curves, but offer amazing support and allow for plenty of movement and flexibility. Of course, the ones that look the sexiest are black, but if you’re going for a pink bra you might want to go with light grey ones. Not only do these two hues mesh wonderfully together, but grey is one of the most luxurious and flattering colors out there so it’s always the most foolproof style option.

The key piece

Of course, you need killer kicks, not only to give your soles and ankles a break while you’re hard at work, but also, of course, to look super-stylish. There are, again, tons of cool and functional options, but our choice is undoubtedly the innovative and cooler than cool Deerupt sneakers by Adidas. They’re sleek and intricate, the design is flawless and they are different from anything we’ve seen so far, and all eyes will be on them for all the right reasons.

Accessorizing is a must

Yes, your gym outfit is almost on point, but there are a few key pieces that are a must to complete the look. First you need cute wristbands that serve double duty – they are accessories but are also your little helpers to preserve that flawless sweat-free look of the face. The next thing you need is a waterproof tinted moisturizer – yes, many would say you don’t need makeup at the gym, but a great tinted moisturizer will just even your complexion and give you that great flawless look without anyone knowing you’re wearing makeup. A tinted lip balm is also a must – it protects the lips from dehydration and gives you that perfect hint of color. Finally, you need a great bag to put all those goodies in (deodorant, a small bottle of perfume, killer specs) and everything else you need. One of the most stylish bags out there is the Marc Jacobs D1 Packables Duffle because aside from looking incredible, it’s the perfect size, so you’ll be able to accommodate all your belongings and make a great exit after a grueling but chic workout session.

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