How to Cope with Oversized Breasts

oversized breasts

Busty women are attractive. However, some women may feel self-conscious when their breasts are on the high side. Overly large breasts may also cause neck and back pain, and their clothing options become limited.

If that’s you, know that it’s natural to feel embarrassed, but also note that you’re not alone.

The good side about this is, just as you can wear some items to make your breasts appear fuller, there are ways you can also make them look relatively smaller and more attractive.

From fashion to surgery, there are a whole lot of options for super-busty women to get the look they desire.

Wear an appropriately sized bra

If you’ve got large breasts, you may think that wearing a tight bra will help keep it in shape. But this is precisely what you need to avoid. Overly tight bras will restrict the lymph flow in your breasts and cause discomfort.

Wear the right fitting bra that makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t go too long without your bra

Smaller breasts could do without a bra. But when your breasts’ size is on the high side, you want to stick with comfortable bras as often as possible to restrain them from the gravity pull. The consistent pull of gravity on your breasts can make them sag prematurely and cause back pain.

Show more cleavage

Ok, don’t take this the wrong way. This is it: letting some skin show on top will help break up your torso so that it doesn’t appear to be all in your chest. Wear dresses that reveal your shoulders and clavicle up to the upper part of your breasts.

Bind your breasts

Binding your breast is one way to make your breast look smaller if you need to limit breast movement and flatten your chest to an extent. Always wear a binder that fits you rather than one too small in hopes of flattening your breasts a bit more.

Consider breast reduction

No matter how many large breasts fashion tips you observe, you may battle the pain and embarrassment from time to time. A breast reduction procedure becomes the best solution if you can no longer cope with the limited fashion choices and embarrassment that come with oversized jugs.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure, and you need to prepare before going for it. It’s also best to get a renowned and highly-skilled professional to ensure desirable results. Breast reduction by Dr. Cohen can help reconstruct your breasts safely and reduce their size, giving you the fine form you’d be proud to show off.

Why you should consider breast reduction above all

By opting for breast reduction surgery, you get:

  • Relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Improved posture
  • Confidence boost
  • Breast lift
  • A finer form, regardless of your fashion choice
  • Reduced skin irritation under the breasts due to friction and rubbing
  • To jog and perform exercises without worrying about your breasts
  • To shop bras with relative ease
  • To sleep in any position comfortably

You may not get to enjoy these benefits from other coping strategies. However, you may worry about side effects and possible complications of the procedure. As with other cosmetic surgeries, breast reduction is relatively safe, provided it’s handled by a skilled, qualified surgeon with years of experience.

Your appearance matters to your self-esteem and confidence. Whether you’re looking for the right bra, dress, or a breast reduction surgeon, you’re moving towards a higher perception of self.

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