How to Choose the Best Beach Hat for You

Summer is just around the corner and we can’t help but feel excited about our schedule that’s fully booked with beach getaways. Parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, and jet ski—you can’t let this season pass without experiencing these countless activities you have in mind.

You also giggle whenever you imagine yourself basking in the sun and lounging by the shore with your eyes glued on that book you can finally check off your reading list. Top it off with a tall glass of cold watermelon smoothie. Or how about those aimless walks on a long stretch of white sandy beach? Perfect!

Now, pack your bags. Let’s start with the non-negotiable things to bring. Maxi dresses, flip flops, comfortable summer sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach towel, your swimwear—what else? You can’t go without a Cap Factory beach hat to complete your outfit.


Straw hats and paper panama hats are the typical choices for the summer, you don’t have to search for Embroidery Services Near Me for this. These materials are light, airy, and comfortable. While keeping your head cool, you can expect an equally satisfying protection against sunburns. That’s not an excuse though not to apply enough sunscreen while you stay out in the sun. A hat is just an added protection. You should keep your skin safe from UV rays by applying a sunscreen with at least SPF30 throughout the day.

Another thing to consider when choosing chemo hats for women with an ideal material that’s right for you, is how you’d be able to clean or wash it. This depends on how often you would want to clean your hat and how convenient it would be for you. Some light materials are not durable when soaked in water. So, choose the right kind of material depending on how you will use it and how you prefer to clean it. Check out this useful guide, too.


Whenever we think of beach hats for women, we always imagine that it has a mandatory big ribbon wrapped around it, or perhaps, some floral details on it. They’re cute and fun. But, some of us don’t like our hats to be seemingly shouting out loud, “Hey, look at me!” Some of us are the shy-type beach lovers who want to keep our presence low-key. We just want to be gorgeous but subtle and effortless.

If that’s how you define yourself, too, then buying wide-brimmed hats isn’t a good choice. You’d just feel less confident with it, worse, you’d be awkward walking around. So, choose a style you think you’d be comfortable in. It must be something that fits your personality. When you choose a style that you love and you’re comfortable in, you’d be confident and would look extra pretty on the beach. Click here to see more designs and styles that you can choose from.


Choosing the right size of hat, especially its brim, would depend on how much coverage and protection you wish to get. Would you like your face and neck to be thoroughly covered? Then, a wide-brimmed hat is the right one for you. But if you also want to use your hat on other occasions other than a beach excursion, a hat with smaller brim that looks more casual and versatile would be a great choice.


Make sure your hat matches your outfits. You wouldn’t want the colors clashing against each other. So, plan ahead. For most of us who are economical, and ahem, light packers, even backpackers, we don’t want to bring different kinds of hats with various colors just to match with the different clothes we wear each day while on travel. The best solution for that is to choose something with a neutral color such as cream or white.

You can match a neutral-colored hat with anything. After all, it’s easier to play with colors and patterns on the clothes, right? For hats and footwear, it’s important to be versatile. Unless, you pack as if you’re leaving for good. If you’re bringing several hats to match your outfit, take a look at this article you’d be thankful for:

The best piece of advice for choosing the right hat for you? Choose the one that makes you feel comfy and gorgeous at the same time!

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