Hanna Griffiths Produces her first film and it’s a 20 Million Dollar Project, ‘Brokers’

Hanna Griffiths

Hanna Griffiths is stepping up into her newest role, that of Producer.

First on her roster is the project titled, “Brokers”.

The feature film, produced by Griffiths and James Wallace (executive producer), features Hanna Griffiths and Christopher Egan. Griffiths, who is starring  in the film, plays the dual role of actor and producer. Hanna has made an impact among Women in Film and the inside word is that she will excel as a producer.

Taking control of her own destiny from behind the scenes, where she wants to be a female role model by example, in charge of producing content.

Brokers” is based on a true-life story about the rise and fall of Kingsley Walker, the gifted Australian currency trader who is determined to succeed in the big leagues. Walker accepts an opportunity to move to New York City, to run the largest currency trade for an American billionaire nicknamed “The Whale”. The film is a faced paced romantic comedy set in the 90’s that grapples with love, greed, desire, and adrenaline.

Hanna Griffiths

The executive producer James Wallace, had this to say “Hanna has been instrumental in the production of Brokers. Her value to the project is endless. She is multi-talented and has a very strong work ethic”.

It was Hanna who was pushing for Christopher Egan to play the lead, she found the perfect actor for the role and James Wallace flew to Los Angeles to meet him after one meeting with Christopher he knew that he was perfect for the part.

One of the film financiers added that “Hanna encompasses everything you want from a leading lady, firstly she’s hilarious and so quick off the mark, a femme fatale with looks to die for and is business-savvy. She can hold her own in a meeting let me tell you”.

“Brokers” is the first of 3 projects Hanna has in the pipeline to produce and act in.

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