Great Signs Your Body Is Healthy

Being healthy is the goal for every adult. It’s why we join the gym and buy juicers: we want to nourish our bodies and encourage exercise in a controlled environment. As we get older, we seem to all become more interested in health and wellness. We know that we work too hard, so we look for ways to cut back so that we’re not burning the candle at both ends. We assess our own health and depending on where we are in life, make choices that fit what we want from ourselves.

You want your body to be healthy, but no one can tell you what that means. For example, some people believe that too much weight on their frame is unhealthy as their blood pressure goes up and their cholesterol markers are higher. Others have perfect stats and are considered obese. Health is about how you feel, and if you are happy and medically healthy in yourself, that’s all you can ask! Health means different things for different people, but how do you feel about your health today? Are you pleased with how you look after yourself or are you not treating your body as well as you could be? Some people like to learn more about their health and how they can maximize it, and that’s important if you are planning to be aware of what your body can offer you in the future. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together some of the highly researched signs that your body is healthy right now.

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  • Your Hair Is Healthy. Your hair is often the first thing that people notice when they look at you and if it’s thick, lustrous and shiny, you have a head of healthy hair. Brittle and dry hair is a clear indicator that you are lacking minerals somewhere in your diet and if it’s thinning down, you could be dealing with poor nutrient absorption. Hair can indicate your health is bad, but if you’re not paying attention, you’re not going to notice something wrong. You need to have good hair if you want to remain healthy, and healthy hair reflects your diet being a healthy one!
  • Healthy, Strong Nails. As with healthy hair, your nails need to be strong and hard to be considered as healthy. The way to view your health is through your fingertips. Flaking, ridged, rough nails are as unhealthy as the nails that easily peel and break every time they get the slightest bit of length. Your nails can show issues in your system and your skin around your nails is just as indicative of how healthy they are. Pitting, lines and weaknesses are signs of ill health and fungal infections are another way your nails are unhealthy and look stressed. So, strong, clean nails with intact nail beds and neat cuticles show your health is at the top of its game.
  • Pink Gums. Pink gums are healthy gums that are strong enough to hold your teeth in place. Oral health doesn’t just affect your teeth and gums, it affects your heart, too. Proper oral hygiene will make you feel confident, as your smile is brighter and whiter as a result. Without pink, healthy gums, you’re left with loose, stained and plaque-ridden teeth and a lot of blood when you brush!
  • Hip-Waist Ratio. Weight is not an indicator of health, and BMI is outdated. Your measurements, however, are a good indicator of your health. If your hip and waist are a good ratio and you feel healthy in your clothes and you don’t feel uncomfortable, you have a great level of health. Your gut health is important, and too much fat around the inside of your gut can be detrimental to your health overall, but you’d need to confirm this with your doctor.
  • You Can Sleep Well. Every night, you’re fast asleep relatively quickly after your head hits the pillow and you are refreshed every morning when you wake up. Not getting enough sleep is a big problem for your health. You’re more susceptible to illnesses when you don’t sleep, and you will feel worse within your mental health when you don’t get enough, too. Good sleep equals better and more positive mental health!
  • You’re Eating Well. A good diet is going to make you feel energized, healthy and ready to take on the world. If you are eating a great diet and staying hydrated, you’re going to look and feel better – and it’s a good sign you are healthy as anything!

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