Gratitude Journal 101: Writing Your Way To Health And Happiness

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As many wellness experts know, keeping a gratitude journal can empower individuals to lead more productive, positive lives. This is the case because the journals enable individuals to put themselves in a positive mood by consciously reflecting on the individuals, objects, and experiences that bring them deep joy, appreciation, etc. In many cases, people recognize that maintaining a gratitude journal could enhance their quality of life yet don’t know how to get started. Below you’ll find three strategies you can use to get on track to effective, results-yielding journaling. Here are three of them:

1. Set Aside A Time And Place.

This is an organizational strategy which can make you more effective in any area of your life, including the journaling process. By setting aside a specific time and place to journal, you can get and remain organized as you make this new habit an integral, permanent component of your life. There’s no “right” or “wrong” place to journal. The key to success is finding a place and time in which you’ll be free of distractions which might detract from your ability to think critically and extensively about the things that you’re most grateful for. Make sure you store all of your materials in this area so you don’t grow irritated or frustrated with the process of having to take time out to locate the things you need.

2. Move Beyond List-Making.

Once you’ve set aside a time and place to write in your gratitude journal, remember to move beyond the realm of list-making. In many cases, a page in an individual’s gratitude journal might look like this:

Things I’m Grateful For

1. Yoga

2. My family

3. Mood stability

While this is a great start, list-making does not get you thinking critically and deeply about the things that bring you the deepest dimensions of joy. To experience profound joy and understanding of yourself and why certain things make you happy, you should strive to write extensively on why something like yoga engenders a sustained sense of happiness. Is it the joy of physical movement, the ability to access deeper and deeper dimensions of self-control, or something else? Perhaps you enjoy the group dynamic that unfolds when individuals get and remain in certain postures together. Or maybe you love the idea and reality of being able to experience unlimited, perpetual growth by continually progressing your practice. Once you attain this knowledge, you’ll be able to get even more joy out of what you’re doing because you’ll narrow in on what aspect of the activity is really making you happy.

Note that if exercise is something that you’re immensely grateful for, there are many steps you can take to ensure that you obtain more and more wonderful benefits from the physical activity that you’re engaging in. One helpful strategy is consistently changing your workouts so that your body doesn’t become physically acclimated to the work, the end result of which is burning less calories. If you’re interested in learning more about various forms of physical activity you could engage in, visit the SmartSquat website to start reviewing the information they have about things like the proper squat technique to use for the purpose of becoming physically fit.

3. Find An Accountability Partner.

One final strategy you can implement to make the most of this strategy is finding an accountability partner. This person will hold you responsible for journaling regularly. Know that when people are accountable to other individuals for completing specific tasks, they’re much more likely to do them. Note that your accountability partner should be an individual you can trust to check in with you regularly, ask key questions, etc.


Once you realize that keeping a gratitude journal can engender great outcomes like mood stability and self-awareness, you may be ready to start writing. Utilize some or all of the journaling techniques listed above to ensure that you can begin attaining substantive results with this mindfulness strategy!

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