Getting Married in 2021? Here Are A Few Vintage Jewellery Ideas

We all love the old days; times in the past when life was so much simpler, in the days when fine items were hand-crafted using quality materials. This is especially true with fine antique and vintage jewellery. If you are planning to wed in 2021, here are a few vintage jewellery ideas for that perfect day.

  • Pearls – Why not ask your grandmother if you can borrow her fine pearl necklace that is almost a century old? You could make a few alterations and wear it around your head for a real bohemian look. This can be done with a few hairclips and when you return from your honeymoon, you can give back the pearl necklace.
  • Vintage Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings – If she loves fine old things, treat her to one of the quality vintage diamond engagement rings available from the online antique dealer. An online search will bring up a list of reputable online antique dealers. They have their great selection of vintage and antique diamond wedding and engagement rings that you can use as a family heirloom to hand to your children when they grow up.
  • Vintage Charm Bracelet – They are back in trend (did they ever leave?). For a real gypsy look, wearing a sterling silver vintage charm bracelet will bring good fortune to the bride. This would make a great wedding gift for any bride. You can add a new charm every anniversary after the wedding as a special gift.
  • Stacked Necklaces – If you take a look at your jewellery collection, the chances are that you have a few necklaces that can be worn as a stack. If not, why not ask a few friends to send you images of old necklaces they have? You could borrow a few for a week or so and wear them on your honeymoon.
  • Diamond Stud Earrings – There’s no better time to wear diamond earrings than at your wedding, which makes up a perfect diamond outfit. If you don’t have any diamond earrings, check out an online antique dealer who normally has a great selection of antique diamond jewellery, all at very affordable prices. If diamonds should be worn at all, a wedding is the perfect time to don that sparkle, when you should be looking your very best.
  • Ankle Bracelet – Another very popular bride accessory; a bohemian ankle bracelet is the perfect add-on to make your bridal look complete. If you don’t have an ankle bracelet, the online antique dealer might be able to help. Antique dealers have a great selection of unusual pieces, including vintage ankle bracelets.

The Online Antique Dealer

If you would like to view a selection of fine vintage and antique jewellery, search online for a reputable antique dealer and browse their catalogue. Online shopping offers many benefits. You can shop at your own pace, plus it is easy to compare items and prices. You also have the same consumer rights as if you purchased in a traditional retail store.

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