EDOBIO skincare Inspired by Ancient Japanese beauty rituals from Edo

Japanese women know better than anyone how important the relationship between a good beauty ritual and your skin is. Your skin is a reflection of your health. That is why they opt for a plant-rich, clean diet and high quality skincare products. What is healthy for your body is also healthy for your skin, your largest organ.

Japanese skincare brand EDOBIO is born and based in Japan. EDOBIO skincare line is inspired by the refined Japanese beauty culture and philosophy in the Edo period (1603-1868). They were known for their youthful and flawless skin. When you start following a simple Japanese skincare ritual known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. The quality of your skin will improve.

Give your skin the protection, care and attention it deserves by following a consistent routine with good quality natural products. This way you can work towards something achievable – healthy skin at any age.

Japanese beauty, also known as J-beauty, has been big in Asia for years, where a natural and holistic lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Skincare is deeply rooted in Japanese culture; beauty is believed to be based on healthy skin. The use of natural ingredients and beauty rituals goes back centuries. This, in combination with contemporary innovations, makes EDOBIO distinctive.

With its gentle approach to skin care, good yet gentle cleansing, and multiple layers of moisturizing. Japanese beauty is not about lightning-fast transformations or aggressive treatments. It is about consistent, mindful and pleasant moments of care for your skin. Purity and refinement at its best.

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