Easy Prep Up for a snug Valentine’s Party at Home

The season of love is just around the corner, and you may have already started making your plans with your S.O. Even if the rest of the world is reeling towards the new normal, the innate fear continues to lurk around.

Well, this year’s celebrations may differ from the conventional, but that is no reason for you to miss out on the essence of this special day. With these easy and convenient ideas, you bring in this year’s Valentine’s Day at home and in style.

Doll Up

Just because this year you and your loved one are not getting to go out is not reason enough for you not to deck up. It is time to get out of those P.J.s and put on that red dress you have been eyeing in your closet for almost a month. The matter of makeup and hair is a preferential taste.

But make sure that you put in some effort, and we can assure you that you will definitely get some appreciative glances from your unsuspecting and surprised partner.

A date night menu

This lockdown has brought in all our inner chefs, giving you the perfect opportunity to play your hand in the kitchen. Plan a date night special menu well in advance and get to shopping if you have to.

Since it is the weekend, you can easily present a multicourse extravaganza. There are many slow cooker recipes and appetizers which are more about assembling than slaving in the kitchen. And if you really do not want to cook, you can always count on a variety of home delivery options.

Replace Candle Night With Classy Electric Fireplace

There is an undeniable charm of cozy lightning that adds oodles of warmth and can evoke emotions of joy and contentment. And since this day is all about love, you would certainly not want to miss out on that essence. This year, replace the candle setting around the room for a cozier effect with a hot blaze which also gives off a diffused light effect. And your safest bet is to go for a built in electric fireplace, which will serve your purpose for more than this day. Since it is electric, you no longer have to worry about your house getting burnt down while maintaining the vintage and romantic vibe. A total win-win!

Spruce up the decor

How many times have you gazed and gasped by looking at the mindblowing decor in all these magazines, thinking only if you could get such a styling done at your place? Well, now is the time. Let your mind get its creative best and make up a decor that is just Valentine’s appropriate.

The perfect idea is to bring in the elements of a special memory or even your very first date together. You can throw in red rugs or get a warm ambiance with some paintings and dim lights. We are sure that you may be thinking of some ideas to just jazz up the house for the evening by now. Go all out!


Though we agree that there is just no one day in the entire calendar to express your love for your dear one, special occasions like this make it all the more unique. You can also make it up by making it a movie night or include a romantic dance session. We sincerely hope that these ideas help you enjoy your day and make memories to last you a lifetime.

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