Design Trends That Could Shape the Future of Architecture


Architecture is one of those industries that are constantly striving for better designs and solutions to provide humans with more comfort and safety. So what is something that marked this industry in the last few years and that will shape it long into the future? Here are a few design trends that will definitely show themselves on many future buildings and architectural elements:

Green building techniques and materials

We’re experiencing strong growth in population and a boost in climate change, therefore, it’s crucial to adopt various sustainable practices in architecture. It’s more important than ever to reduce waste, boost building efficiency and include recycling in the building practices. New designers are taking more care than ever to include solutions that will allow buildings to work in harmony with nature. Let’s take a look at The Floating Seahorse, a Dubai project that allows lux developments to be built on the Arabian Gulf in accordance with nature and nature conservation efforts. The group designing this development is even including artificial coral reefs that provide habitat for seahorses. We can expect to see new projects of this type popping up around the world in the near future.

Repurposing of old materials

The latest tech materials are amazing for many purposes, but not everything will be made out of these new materials. Traditional materials can be considered for new uses, as well as old materials reclaimed and repurposed for modern use. For instance, we will see traditional materials like timber being cross-laminated to be more fire-resistant and durable. This allows the realization of projects like Moller’s wooden skyscraper. We can also expect to see the rise of ancient architectural methods improved by modern smart tech.

Modular buildings

Projects that require fast reactions and results can benefit the most from the modular building. The main advantage of the modular building lies in the speed of building followed by exceptional quality. Good builders provide users with a wide variety of products and buildings from schools and offices to sporting spaces, service stations, healthcare facilities, etc. Why modular building is the future? It’s fast, easy and affordable, plus there’s no need to disrupt sites for months, meaning the modular building is green and human-centric. Plus, modular buildings can easily be repurposed into other types of buildings which fits many industries’ ever-changing needs.

Vertical design


According to experts, cities and communities will continue to expand, but not outwards but upwards. Due to the growing population of the world as well as the trend of moving into cities, vertical building might be the best and only solution to overcrowding. Vertical architecture needs to work hand-in-hand with vertical agriculture, allowing the growth of crops and greenery to feed the people of the cities. When building upwards, we can expect cleaner and more comfortable cities. As inspiration, we have Ole Scheeren and his vertical village in Singapore. This project can serve as inspiration for many other future ones, each one adapted to its location, climate, soil and population needs.

Internet of Things

Connections are not only important to be achieved between people, but also between different buildings as well. Since we’re aiming toward a tech-filled future, architecture can greatly benefit from the growth and development of the Internet of Things. Today and in the near future, we can expect to see our homes, offices and other buildings becoming more and more intuitive. Thanks to smart design and innovative gadgets, we can enjoy more comfort and safety than ever before. Connected homes and buildings can adjust cooling and heating on their own, set up your lighting, manage security features, etc.

Are you excited to see where architecture will go in the future? As we use today’s trends to see the path of architecture, it seems that we have a bright and green future to look forward to.

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