Bring your training to the next level with an airtrack mat

There are people who have probably heard about it and others for whom this is a completely new concept. The AirTrack mat. In this article we tell you what an AirTrack mat is, what you do with it and which are the best AirTrack mats if you want one yourself! Not only the type of sport is a criteria, also age, weight and skills play a role in choosing the right air track mat.

Advantages of air training equipment

With the emergence of trampoline and freestyle parks, there has been an increase in the adoption of air training equipment. Such as air track mats. What is the advantage of this new type of air training equipment for its users. But also for gym and amusement park owners?

Three factors appear to play a role, namely: attracting a new type of airtrack gymnastics, to distinguish themselves from other services and sports activities. And the low cost compared to attractions of a similar size like a trampoline.

air track mat

The difference with a trampoline

Trampolines are a limitation for advanced tricks and movements. Trampolines are designed for top height. This is of course not advantageous when top athletes want to perform jumps and tricks that require a high jump. The trampoline is therefore more aimed at kids and teenagers. They like to jump purely for fun, with average physical abilities. This is still a large market.

However, an AirTrack is a solution if you are after more possibilities in activities and tricks. And it clearly attracts a wider audience like professional athletes. We are talking about cheerleaders, acrobats, martial arts athletes, gymnasts, circus artists and so on.

In this way, you can bring your skills to the parks, which was previously not possible because of the trampolines. As an athlete you can’t bring a trampoline everywhere you go. An air track is mobile and easy to carry to the park for example.

Thanks to the AirTrack mats, various athletes have more opportunities to train outside. And can even occasionally give a show to customers of the trampoline and freestyle parks. That will certainly be appreciated! The mats feel soft on the body when you need to stretch, are resilient for beautiful jumps.

The air track mat is perfect to use at home

The best air track floor air mat for tumbling is my favorite because it can also be used recreational at home. If your children are not professional athletes, they can easily practice tricks and even learn to gymnastics while playing. You can do a lot with it at home, and possibly in your garden where you have the space.

Most gyms have athletes who train at a high level and people who exercise as a hobby. In such a case, it is recommended to purchase thicker mats, as they have more room to play with pressure.

This way, the beginners can get used to the slow, soft bounce and landing at low pressure. While the advanced athletes can bounce more firmly with higher pressure. Experience the fun, adrenaline and confidence when training on AirTrack mats and increase your athletic level!

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