Body Conscious: Look and Feel Great in Your Swimwear Next Summer!

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After Christmas as the new year are done and dusted, most of us start focusing on the countdown to our summer holiday. It’s a nice way to get through the winter months, and can really motivate you to get up and grind at work when the mornings are cold, dark and miserable. But as much as you might be looking forward to jetting away in June or July, the idea of bearing all in a bikini is enough to fill most women with dread. Even if you’re already quite body positive, there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to ŪNIKA Custom Swimwear and so if you plan on making changes, starting early is a smart move. Here are some ideas for going about it!

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Lose some weight

If you have any excess weight to lose, shedding even a little will be enough to give your confidence a boost. Most of us are on diets and eating healthily at the start of the year anyway, when your motivation begins to flag- think about your bathing suit in the summer! As well as being able to get great physical results, you can also achieve better mental focus with this keto diet so cutting carbs is something to consider.

Tone up

Regardless of how big or small you are, improving your muscle tone will make your overall shape look better. Women can be scared of lifting weights and working out their muscles, but this won’t make you bulky like a bodybuilder. They are only able to build large muscles due to the right supplements and a very careful training plan and exercise tailored to creating large muscle. Building lean muscle will actually make you look slimmer rather than bigger as it shapes and sculpts the body. If you’re already slim with low body fat, toning up will give you fantastic definition.

Get a tan

Lots of people find that getting a bit of a tan helps them to look healthier and actually look a little slimmer. You’ll want to go about this in the right way, if you plan on catching some rays naturally in the summer then be sure to use a good SPF. If you’re going to use tanning beds, follow their advice and be careful not to overdo it. Starting a couple of months before and building it up gradually will be less damaging than waiting until the last minute and toasting yourself under the sun bed.

Find the right swimwear

Finally, the cut, colour and style of the pieces you choose can make a huge difference to the way your overall figure and appearance looks. Spend time choosing both tops and bottoms that suit you- don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you have a bigger bust for example you might prefer wired cups, if you’re conscious of your legs you could go with a skirt bottom or even a swim dress. The right swimwear items will give you confidence, even when you’ve got so much skin on show!

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