Bhagatjewels 18k Gold Plated Handmade Jewelry

handmade jewelry

Stunning gold plated handmade jewelry with real gemstones

I’m a big fan of handmade jewelry so I was super excited when I discovered Bhagatjewels on Etsy. The owner Sunita Singh is a talented jewelry designer from India. She earned her master degree in handmade jewelry designs and she is very passionate about her work as an entrepreneur and jewelry designer.

Her collection consists of bracelets, earrings, stone rings and pendants . All made with bright colored gemstones like amethyst, Rose Quartz, natural labradorite, citrine and many more natural stones.

Handmade jewelry has something special its original and you are sure that people around you don’t have the exact same necklace or bracelet. When I received this 18k gold plated bracelet with gemstones I was so happy to wear it. Its unique and you won’t find this type of jewelry in your local store. I love that it’s handmade and that she uses real gemstones that are  rare and of good quality. The colors and shapes provide a unique touch to any outfit. In the pictures below I wear this bracelet with gold matching earrings and a red shirt. Although my outfit is simple with handmade jewelry you make any outfit special. Visit her web shop to find out more: 

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    That is a beautiful bracelet! I love the soft colors it has.

    Kathryn •

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