Avarcas 101 are traditional Spanish sandals

Warm summer days are smiling at us. The scent of blossoms, warm weather, and of course, holidays! With Avarcas 101 you will need to choose a beautiful color nail polish because your toes can be seen again. Get rid of socks and warm closed shoes and long live the sandals!

Avarcas 101 are timeless

Avarcas help women feel comfortable and look stylish without breaking the bank. Their shoes are handmade by artisans using premium materials. This is why they feel so confident in each shoe they make that they offer a 365-day guarantee. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, they gladly replace it with a new pair.

Creating a positive impact

The first avarcas were first crafted by farmers in the 19th century. Avarcas 101 honors the heritage and tradition while having a positive impact on the community by partnering with a non-profit to help provide handicapped people with stable employment.

Sustainable sandals

Sustainability is not a trend, but an absolute must for a better future! Avarcas also works hard on this sustainable road. The sandals are made by hand in Spain by artisans with locally sourced and recycled materials. They consciously choose recycled materials to limit the impact on the environment.

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