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Ali Rich Accessories is a great destination for handcrafted and unique accessories. The founder Alecia was inspired by a love of all things fashion and beauty related especially handcrafted and unique. After having 15 years of retail experience buying and developing products in Fashion Accessories for major department stores she decided to start her own accessories collection.

Alecia taught herself how to sew by watching online videos until she could make the things she loved. Then she brought these fashion accessories into a successful business and Etsy store. Ali Rich accessories are all unique, handcrafted artisan and made with love.

Here I collected my top 3 favorite bags from the web-shop. Follow her Facebook page to keep up to date with her collection:


1) Cute Mini bag/tote in yellow canvas and pink pom poms perfect for a summer day when you go have lunch with a friend or shopping. Get it here

2) Coastal themed, mix material pouch with zipper and monkey knot charm. Love the different materials and prints she uses. Perfect as a makeup bag or small purse get it here.

3)  If you look for something special you will love this handcrafted bandana print fold over clutch. One of a kind get it here.


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