Advice and tips on clothing for both autumn and summer

In my mind, September equals autumn and therefore autumn fashion. Well, to my surprise, it appears that we still have a few weeks before the summer is over. Although we can enjoy the sun for a while, in this article I give you advice and tips on clothing for both autumn and summer. Mainly about how to combine your Femme Luxe Finery summer fashion with autumn clothes. This way, your summer wardrobe does not have to disappear from the closet and you stay in the sunshine. I hope that my advice and tips on clothing suitable for both fall and summer will give you lots of fashion inspiration just after the summer!

satin bodysuit

                                                                            Satin bodysuit

Based on my favorite fall and summer fashion colors and prints, I hope to inspire you for new summer and fall outfits for the sunny and also colder days. The colors and prints are on-trend both now and in the future and with a layer more or less certain for both seasons.

nude bodysuit

                                                                                       Nude bodysuit

Clothing for both fall and summer: the beautiful color nude beige

At the moment, everything that is nude is hot! Nude and beige therefore falls under my advice and tips on clothing for both fall and summer. Moreover, nude and camel colors are really timeless! Although beige is a welcome color for fall fashion, a nude or camel color maybe a nice eye-catcher in the summer. These are the typical fashion rules, but if you look at the fashion stores on the shelves, you will see that this year nude colores are represented.

Brown is the color with regard to autumn, and therefore a must in my advice and tips on clothing for both autumn and summer! But a beautiful beige or camel color brown is very chic every season and earth tones are also perfect to create a boho-chic look. Look in the collage for the color brown and for example choose the decorated camel-colored short skirt and combine it with a nice black off-shoulder top and you are all set for a festival.

Combine different colors of nude beige and add some pink when you shop at Femme Luxe Finery. For example, bright pink is very chic with somewhat darker beige colors. Wear a (bright) red lipstick. Even with the most casual look, a red lip looks chic or sexy. Test from which color you buy there are many different colors of red lipstick and perhaps not each of these colors highlight your skin color. Bordeaux red is almost everywhere so I would definitely try it.

polka dot dress

                                                                                      Polka dot dress

Polka dot dress

The dots or polka dot print has been popping up a lot in the summer fashion in recent weeks, but it certainly also comes under advice and tips on clothing for both autumn and summer. Many nice bright red dresses and beautiful tops. These dots are not only very cheerful but with the right accessory, a polka dot item gives elegance to a look.

When you go out into nature, you want to do this in style? Wear a nice black and white polka dot dress. In autumn you can wear this dress with pantyhose and ankle heels. In the summer with sandals. It is a perfect elegant combination! For summer days; go for a red with white polka dot top or black with a white polka dot top with white pants or skirt for an instant classy look.

                                                                   Pink high waist pants

Combine Leopard print for fall with pink

Last year you saw this print more and more often, but when you look in the shops you see the print everywhere. This therefore also falls under my advice and tips on clothing for both fall and summer. In the form of completely leopard print dresses and skirts. You can also wear a leopard print top and combine with a high waist pink pant if you want to stand out and look fashionable! Although this print may have been somewhat ordinary in the past, you are now opting for a dark color that brings out the elegance of the print. I myself would go for brown or black and white leopard print especially if you want to wear it multiple seasons. But if you are the type of person that likes to wear colors go for any type of shade you prefer! I would go for a piece of clothing with a darker fabric and where the shades are close together.

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