A slimmer waist in no time? This is how you do it

slim waist

We all dream of a slim waist like the super models, right? This spring, the trend is to focus on your waist. Let’s not get too carried away with putting ourselves on a strict diet. A slim waist is easier to reach than you think with the best shapewear for women. We have collected a few simple exercises for you with which you can rock your new body this spring and summer!

Hula hoops

Was hula hooping your favorite pastime in the past? Great, because this will definitely help you get a slim waist. And it’s also fun to do (if you can!). So grab your hula hoop, blow off the dust and spin those hips every day!


We’ll just keep planking! All plank variants will help you: the straight plank (where you extend your arms), side plank. If you want faster results make sure to check the waist trainer before and after. When you wear a waist trainer during workout you will achieve the results you dream of.

Sit ups

Really, the dreaded sit-ups are going to give you a slim waist too. You can do the normal sit-ups with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, keep a little space between them. But the oblique sit-ups also work very well. The only difference: you put your knees on the floor to one side, and alternate with the other side. This way you will have a slim waist in no time, if you can last longer than one day of course.

The twist

It sounds complicated but it is not that difficult, although it can be heavy. You sit on the floor with a ball in your hands. Choose to put your feet on the floor, or keep your bent legs up. Try to find balance so that only your buttocks touch the floor. Move the ball from left to right with both hands. Try to keep the ball just off the ground. Just make sure that you only do the rotating movement with the muscles in your waist. Do this preferably 3 to 4 times a week and wear shapewear bodysuits and your waist will certainly become slimmer, lady!

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