A slimmer waist and better posture with the waist trainer

From the 1600s, wearing corsets became extremely popular and corsets were used to make your waist permanently smaller. Back then, wearing a waist trainer corset was just as normal as wearing a belt. You must have seen it in movies, ladies who wore their corsets as tight as possible to get a slimmer waist. Even in the 50s you only saw ladies with a Coca Cola shape figure, never wondered how that is possible?

Training your waist by exercising alone is very difficult and almost impossible, unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a beautiful small waist / hourglass figure. We can train our abs, but unfortunately our waist will not get much smaller. If you want to start waist trainer drop shipping that is also a possibility.

What could be more feminine than a sexy slim waist? A beautiful hourglass figure with curves? But how is it possible to permanently change your waist / waist with a Corset Waist Trainer?

Waist training is the secret to success

By wearing the right waist trainer, you can permanently change your waist. If you are patient and wear your waist trainer daily, you will lose centimetres around your waist within a short period of time. This is different per person, everybody is different and one goes faster than the other. (more on this shortly)

Different types of waist trainers

There is a big difference between a Corset Waist Trainer and a Latex/Rubber waist trainer. With a latex waist trainer you lose a maximum of 2-5 centimeters around your waist if you also exercise. With a latex waist trainer you will sweat faster, so you will lose more moisture around your waist. Most latex shapers are made of a combination of nylon and latex or spandex, it can certainly help you to give a slimming effect under your clothes but you will only be able to achieve an hourglass figure with a Corset Waist Trainer with steel bones. You can also get wholesale waist trainers with logo.

In contrast to the Corset Waist Trainer with steel bones, you can work out in the Latex waist trainer. This is absolutely not allowed with a Corset Waist Trainer with steel bones!

My own experiences with the waist trainer

I have tried the waist training corset myself and am very enthusiastic about the results. After 3 months I had already lost 5 centimeters around my waist by using my waist trainer. In the first week I started wearing my corset for 2-3 hours a day (breathing should be easy and should not hurt) In the 2nd week I wore my corset 4-7 hours a day. In the 3rd week I wore my corset for 7-9 hours (a bit tighter again). From week 6 I sometimes even sleep in it! With the stage 3 faja you can get a slimmer waist and sculpted silhouette.

You will have to feel how tight you can wear the waist trainer and how much time you need to wear it tighter, it should not hurt at all and breathing should also be easy. I have to say that I had to get used to the first 3 days, purely because I often bend over or don’t sit straight, but I have to say that it has changed so much in my life. My posture is considerably better, I walk and sit straight, which also makes you feel and look a lot more confident, I don’t eat as much anymore because I’m full faster and I have a slimmer waist!

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